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Abstract Class Without Any Method
Abstract Naming
Accessor Class Generation
Array Is Stored Directly
Avoid Accessibility Alteration
Avoid Branching Statement As Last In Loop
Avoid Catching Throwable
Avoid Dollar Signs
Avoid Field Name Matching Method Name
Avoid Field Name Matching Type Name
Avoid Final Local Variable
Avoid Instanceof Checks In Catch Clause
Avoid Losing Exception Information
Avoid Prefixing Method Parameters
Avoid Thread Group
Avoid Unchecked Exceptions In Signatures
Avoid Using Hard Coded IP
Avoid Using Native Code
Avoid Using Short Type
Avoid Using Volatile
Boolean Get Method Name
Call Super In Constructor
Check Skip Result
Collapsible If Statements
Comment Content
Consecutive Appends Should Reuse
Coupling Between Objects
Cyclomatic Complexity
Dataflow Anomaly Analysis
Default Label Not Last In Switch Stmt
Default Package
Do Not Terminate VM
Do Not Throw Exception In Finally
Dont Import Sun
Empty Catch Block
Empty Finally Block
Empty If Stmt
Empty While Stmt
Equals Null
Excessive Class Length
Excessive Method Length
Excessive Parameter List
Excessive Public Count
Field Declarations Should Be At Start Of Class
For Loop Can Be Foreach
For Loop Should Be While Loop
For Loops Must Use Braces
God Class
Guard Log Statement
If Else Stmts Must Use Braces
If Stmts Must Use Braces
Instantiation To Get Class
Jumbled Incrementer
Local Home Naming Convention
Local Variable Could Be Final
Logger Is Not Static Final
Loose Coupling
M Is Leading Variable Name
Method Argument Could Be Final
Misplaced Null Check
Missing Break In Switch
Missing Serial Version UID
Modified Cyclomatic Complexity
N Path Complexity
Ncss Constructor Count
Ncss Method Count
Ncss Type Count
No Package
Non Static Initializer
Optimizable To Array Call
Position Literals First In Case Insensitive Comparisons
Position Literals First In Comparisons
Preserve Stack Trace
Proper Logger
Remote Interface Naming Convention
Remote Session Interface Naming Convention
Replace Vector With List
Return From Finally Block
Short Class Name
Short Method Name
Simplify Boolean Expressions
Simplify Boolean Returns
Simplify Conditional
Simplify Starts With
Static EJB Field Should Be Final
Std Cyclomatic Complexity
String Buffer Instantiation With Char
Suspicious Constant Field Name
Suspicious Equals Method Name
Switch Density
Switch Stmts Should Have Default
Too Few Branches For A Switch Statement
Too Many Fields
Too Many Methods
Too Many Static Imports
Unconditional If Statement
Unnecessary Case Change
Unnecessary Conversion Temporary
Unsynchronized Static Date Formatter
Unused Formal Parameter
Unused Imports
Unused Local Variable
Use Index Of Char
Use Notify All Instead Of Notify
Use Object For Clearer API
Use Proper Class Loader
Use String Buffer Length
Use Varargs
Useless Operation On Immutable
Useless Overriding Method
Variable Naming Conventions
While Loops Must Use Braces

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