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  • Squore Support Process In Vector Infrastructure
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This article will help explain the new Squore support process using the new Vector infrastructure.

What's new in this process ?

How to contact Squore support ?

Using e-mails

  1. Send an e-mail to :
  2. Don't forget to specify to which product your request is related to, i.e Squore.

Using the Vector Customer Portal

  1. In your web browser go to the following URL :
  2. Click "Sign In" to connect to the portal. (In case of first connection, click "Create Account" and follow the steps, the account will be created in the following).
  3. Once connected, in the "Home" tab, click "Create New Support Request".
  4. Fill the necessary fields and click "Submit".

    Vector Customer Portal is also accessible from the Vector website,, in "Support & Downloads>Vector Customer Portal".

Once you have contacted the support, whether by mail or via the Customer Portal, a ticket is created on Vector side. You will then be notified of the Squore support team answer vie e-mail. To which you can reply, either via e-mail or through the Vector Customer Portal in "Home>Your Support Request".

How to share tickets between colleagues ?

Join an existing group/team account

  1. If the group/team account already exists, ask the manager of the group/team account to invite you into the group.
  2. You will then receive an invitation e-mail.
  3. Once the invitation is confirmed you will be able to see the tickets of all the group members, and them yours.
  4. You must be registered in the Vector Customer Portal to be invited into a group/team account.

Create a new team account

  1. Send an e-mail to asking for a group/team account creation.
  2. Or create a new ticket from the Vector Customer Portal.
  3. You will need to provide the following information in your request :
    1. Desired name of the group/team account
    2. A Person (name and e-mail address) to manage the group/team account

Only users registered in the Vector Customer Portal will be able to join a group/team account. To know more about what is possible with a group/team account, visit :

How to exchange files with Squore support ?

Temporary exchange of small files

  1. You can include files in the e-mail request when first contacting Squore support or when replying to an open case e-mail.
  2. You can also include files when creating a ticket or when replying to an open case from the Vector Customer Portal.

Temporary exchange of big files

  1. If files are too big for being exchanged via e-mail or in the Vector Customer Portal, support agent can create a Quick Share Portal.
  2. A Quick Share Portal is temporary and can be password protected. It will enable both support and customer to upload and download files for exchange.
  3. Just ask the support agent in the open case for creation of such portal.

Permanent exchange file area

  1. If necessary, an exchange file area can be created in your Vector Customer Portal account.
  2. Having an account in the Vector Customer Portal is therefore mandatory.
  3. Just ask the support agent in an open case for creation of such area, or create a new request.

How to download Squore installers ?

From Vector website

  1. In your web browser, go to the Vector website :
  2. Go in "Support & Downloads>Downloads>Service Packs".
  3. To narrow the search, click on "Filters", then in "Filters>Product" select Squore.
  4. Latest patches for all supported branches is always available on the Vector website.

Specific patches

  1. If you need to download an older patch release, or a specific version release patch, contact the Squore support, either via e-mail or via the Vector Customer Portal.

How do I know a new patch has been released ?

Subscribe to Squore RSS feed

  1. In your web browser, go to the following URL :
  2. Right click on "Squore Service Packs", then "Copy link address".
  3. Then use this link in your favorite RSS feed reader/manager.

    For example in Outlook, go in "Account Settings", tab "RSS Feeds" then "New...", and copy-paste the copied linked for Squore RSS feed.

For more information on RSS feeds : What is an RSS feed ?

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