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  • Change the Squore Server JMS Queue Size

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How to change the Squore Server JMS Queue Size?



Squore 2013-B

Instructions can be found in the Installation and Administration Manual.



Squore 2013-B

By default, SQuORE Squore Server will set the JMS queue size to half the number of CPUs on the machine, or 2 if the number of CPUs cannot be determined or is under 4. This can be changed at installation time, or after the installation. Here is the procedure:

  • Stop SQuORE Squore Server.
  • Edit the file$SQuORE_HOME/Server/server/default/deploy/squore-server.ear/squore-server.jar/META-INF/ejb-jar.xml, and set the maxSession key to the desired queue size.
  • (Re)start SQuORE Squore Server.

Note that as a general rule, the number chosen should remain lower than the total number of CPUs on the server.