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  • Installing a Squore client for Squore 17 and later

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Since 17.0, Squore no longer ships with a Squore CLI package, the package allowing you to deploy a minimal set of client binaries on an automation agent like Jenkins to launch analyses remotely.


This article explains how to work around the missing package and deploy a the necessary binaries to launch Squore analyses on a machine away fro the server.

Impacted Users

You should only be impacted by this problem if Squore 17 or 18 is the first Squore release that you install.

If you already have a Squore 16.x client on a machine, you can upgrade it as you normally would by running <SQUORE_CLI_HOME>/bin/synchronise[.bat] to retrieve the new version fo the client binaries, and this article does not apply to you.

Installing a Squore CLI 17


and Later From Scratch

In order to install a client package for a Squore 17 or 18 server, you will have to install an older version of Squore CLI and then upgrade it.