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Squore 20.0 was released on April 20th 2020.

This release brings:

  • Support of TypeScript and Swift languages
  • REST API for project creation and graphics access
  • A new "Confirmed" status for findings
  • Reports and exports in background
  • Java 11 support

Read on to take a visual tour of the new features of Squore 20.0 !

Due to the new security policy, following a migration to Squore 20.0, permission to access the server ressources is now denied for all users by default.

Server access will have to be configured using the new "server ressources access" permission, or by adding "authorized paths" in the administration settings page :

New Features

New file parsing reliability feature

Based on Squore's internal code parsing technology, insight on the parsing completion has been added.

There are two aspects to this new feature, impacting the Software Analytics model:

  • A "Partial code parsing" table has been added to the "Code Quality" dashboard:
    • This table is visible on "Application" and "File" artefacts, and lists the number of files with parsing errors.
    • Depending on the coding language, information such as "number of parsed lines" and the associated ratios are available:

  • When a file is partially parsed, its rating becomes "unknown", since the rating can't be fully computed, as some of its content could not be fully parsed.
    This can have an impact on the overall rating, which becomes more reliable, as there are no files with inaccurate ratings 

New language support: TypeScript / Swift

Using the Squan sources data provider, you can now analyse Swift and TypeScript languages like all other languages:

REST API for project creation

Build operations are now available via API: project creation, new version, apply changes, apply model, baseline...

See the list of the new end-points on the Swagger documentation.

REST API for graphics access

It is now possible to give any chart using the API, with the format PNG, SVG, JPG and JSON ( for highchart).



REST API for form comments

It is now possible to retrieve the comments of the form values.



New 'Confirmed' status for findings

For "review" purpose, it is now possible to confirm the validity of a finding as easy as a relaxation status:

The "Open (confirmed)" findings are always considered as open by the engine, so computations like this one:


Count the Open + Open (Confirmed) findings by default.

But it is possible to add a condition to count only these occurrences:


On source code, like a relaxed finding, a confirmed finding can become "suspicious" if code has changed before (see suspicious option for source code).

Report / Export in background

Reports and exports are now running in background, and all the generated files during the user session are kept in a table.

Reports and exports are now under the "Documents" tab and you can choose between reports and exports on the left side.

Finally, available default reports and exports in the software analytics model now generate files with the date and the project name.

Coverage on Control Graph

Covered and uncovered lines are shown on the Control Graph if the information is available for C functions.

Improve management of paths

For security reason, it is better to avoid file access to the server, so we decide to restrict the usage of file and directory access by default.

To implement this, we add new field types for data provider / repository forms:

<tag type="file|directory|file_or_directory" key="xx" />

Result for a data provider field that needs an Xml file:

Classic type="text"New type="file" with basic permissionsNew type="file" with all permissions

These new field types check the path validity and the access permissions.

As you can see, there are different choices:

  • None: It is just displayed because this field is not "required"
  • Absolute Path: Correspond to a server path, only available if the user have the new permission "Access Server Resources" configurable in the global roles page:

  • Authorized Paths: There a new administration option to configure authorized paths on the server, Configure Authorized Server Paths.
  • Repositories: Correspond to a relative path from a repository configured on the dedicated repositories part of project (it was already possible before by using $src or $alias variables, and it is fully compatible if you switch from type="text" to "file")
  • Upload file: On the external menu only for the moment, there is an additional choice, the "Upload file" to upload a local file:

Finally, it is also possible to use the new "multi" attribute to ask a collection of files for example (the script receives a concatenated string separated by ";"):

Java 11 support

Squore now supportw Java 11, but Java 8 is still supported.

Roles management

In order to harmonize the management of permissions and privileges in Squore, Profiles have been merged with Roles.

Roles are now divided into two concepts : Global roles and Project roles.

  • Global Roles are a set of permissions granting a user access to certain Squore features. (Global Roles were previously named Profiles).
  • Project Roles are a set of privileges for a user within a Squore project.

Both global and project roles are now managed in the administration roles page ("Administration>Roles)". User interface has been improved to facilitate adding, editing and deleting actions.

Global Roles

Project Roles

Removed and Deprecated Features Since 19.0

  • The "converter" attribute on export tags has been removed. On the standard export, we use only the REST API to retrieve highlights results.

Licencing Changes

Your 19.0 or 19.1 annual subscription licence is fully compatible with Squore 20.0.

Changes in Installation Prerequisites

No changes since 19.1.

Configuration Changes

For a detailed changelog of the Shared folder, consult the full Configuration Folder Changelog.

Known Issues

  • If you are using Oracle, make sure to deactivate statistics columns before upgrading otherwise the upgrade will fail with the following error : "Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-54032: column to be renamed is used in a virtual column expression".

  • If you are using Java 11 you will see some warnings displayed at installation (see below). They are due to the use of Java 11 in conjonction with Wildfly 10, but have no impact on the correct functioning of Squore.

    WARNING: Illegal reflective access by __redirected.__SAXParserFactory...
    WARNING: Please consider reporting this to the maintainers of __redirected.__SAXParserFactory

Full Changelog

20.0.8 and up

See Vector official website for more information, section "Support & Downloads > Downloads > Service Packs".

Download page shortcuts :


Published on 28th October 2020

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no

  • Also includes all changes and bug fixes from Squore 19.1.13

Type Category Description Id
Problem Packaging Fixed Windows installation issue when using "as a Windows service" feature SQ-1566
Problem Packaging Fixed Windows upgrade issue when existing Squore is installed as a Windows service SQ-1567
Problem Packaging Fixed Linux installation issue when provided temporary folder does not exist SQ-1661
Problem Parsers Fixed TCL inheritance issue for analysis of Python language projects SQ-1502


Published on 25th September 2020

  • Includes database upgrade: yes
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no

  • Also includes all changes and bug fixes from Squore 19.1.12

On Windows, installing Squore as a service fails. To circumvent the issue, just uncheck the box "Install as Windows Service" in order ensure a successful installation or migration. A new patch to fix the issue will be released as soon as possible...

Type Category Description Id
Problem Addons STAT metric calculation has been corrected SQ-1382
Problem API API "Get /token" is now working properly when using LDAP SQ-1355
Problem API Improved permission verification when using FROMZIP RC with API SQ-693
Problem Documentation "Squore Server Administration" section of Getting Started Guide is now up-to-date SQ-1306
Problem Documentation Typescript ans Swift descriptions have been added to the Reference Manual SQ-1498
Problem Documentation Reports "availableFormat" attribute is now documented SQ-1371
Evolution Documentation Obsolete "families=TAB" use of the families attribute has been removed from Documentation  SQ-1505
Problem Models MISRA 2012 Amendment 1 rules have been added in Squore rulesets SQ-1308
Problem Models IADT Trend chart description colors are now in sync with legend colors SQ-1383
Evolution Models Field "families=TAB" field is now ignored even if present in the configuration SQ-1400


Published on 31st July 2020

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no

  • Also includes all changes and bug fixes from Squore 19.1.11

ProblemAddonsImproved file parsing mechanism for managing "memory error" SQ-875
ProblemAPIImproved management of indicator value without matching leve in HighlightsSQ-1157
EvolutionAPIA "dirtyModel" boolean is now available in the APISQ-1125
ProblemConfigurationImproved reading configuration performancesSQ-943
ProblemConfigurationUser "demo" has access to tutorials by default againSQ-853
ProblemGUIWarning is now displayed when creating global and project roles with same nameSQ-700
EvolutionGUIInformation in "About" popup is now retrieved only when neededSQ-1107
EvolutionPackagingUsing a relative path for temporary folder is now supported on LinuxSQ-952
ProblemServerArtefact location issue "DbArtefactLocation" with reapply model is now handledSQ-966
ProblemServerRe-apply model compatibility with Java 11 improvedSQ-587
EvolutionServerImage "cloning.png" has been removed from Software Analytics modelSQ-894


Published on 16th June 2020

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no

ProblemAPIImproved IE11 support for the HomepageSQ-906
ProblemSecurity"Validation of assertion signature" is now supported by Squore's SSO client. SQ-615
ProblemAddonsThe reading format of DP Klocwork has been updatedSQ-880
ProblemDatabaseFixed a delta display problem on Cloning Findings between project versionsSQ-909
ProblemAddonsFixed a bug that could crash DPs using a custom DTD fileSQ-879
ProblemAddonsBetter support of the C language by the analyzerSQ-874
ProblemAddonsBetter handling of "Warning" type errors when using Java 11SQ-865
ProblemServerFixed a bug when an analysis from a client took more than 5 minutes,the project ended in errorSQ-907
ProblemInstallersquore is accessible as soon as the "Wildfly" component switches to "Done" at startup.SQ-908


Published on 2nd June 2020

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no

  • Also includes all changes and bug fixes from Squore 19.1.10

Type Category Description Id
Problem Addons Open confirmed status is now handled correctly in CC/ICC metrics computation SQ-804
Problem Addons Cloning algorithm improvement SQ-827
Problem CLI Improve stacktrace relevance when CLI throws an exception SQ-866
Problem Configuration Exports filename can now be forced using the API SQ-834
Problem Configuration "TEST_UNKNOWN" measure computation is now correct SQ-861
Problem GUI Milestones loss after project re-run has been fixed SQ-855


Published on 27th April 2020

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no

  • Also includes all changes and bug fixes from Squore 19.1.9

Type Category Description Id
Problem Server Permissions management for uploading files to server via menu tools has been improved



Published on 20th April 2020

  • Includes database upgrade: yes (from any version)
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no (except coming from pre-19.1.6 versions)
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: yes (from any version)

  • Also includes all changes and bug fixes from Squore 19.1.8

Type Category Description Id
Problem Addons ICCR formula computation on "Reapply model" is now working for projects older than 18.0


Evolution Addons New language available : Swift SQ-198
Evolution Addons New language available : Typescript SQ-18
Problem API Creation, update and delete of projects is now possible via API


Evolution API Highlights now retrieve complete path and view path


Evolution API Forms can now be retrieved from the API SQ-333
Evolution Configuration Test Strategy form enhancement at module level SQ-118
Evolution Configuration New demo project with Canoe inputs is available SQ-530
Evolution Configuration Highlights can now be exported at model/folder level SQ-559
Evolution Configuration "Language Distribution Type" pie has been replaced by a textValues chart for files in Software Analytics SQ-683
Evolution Configuration Integration with CANoe and vTESTstudio software has been improved SQ-631
Problem Configuration Descriptions using TYPES are now properly handled by "Model Validator" SQ-540
Evolution Configuration Configuration prefixes for profiles and roles have been updated SQ-686
Evolution Configuration Configuration attribute name for "Help  Menu" and tutorials have been updated SQ-688
Evolution Configuration New parsing error metric is available in Software Analytics SQ-408
Evolution Configuration New file parsing reliability feature SQ-277
Evolution GUI New dynamic tooltip for DP file/directory input selection


Evolution GUI License informations is now available in the "About" pop-up


Evolution GUI Code coverage is now available in control graph


Evolution GUI Left justification is now available for TextValues charts SQ-391
Evolution GUI OWNER global role management has been improved SQ-490
Problem GUI Comment maximum length management has been improved SQ-560
Evolution GUI New "confirmed" status is available on findings SQ-11
Evolution GUI Report and export ergonomics has been improved SQ-100
Evolution GUI New authorized path feature to improve server files access security SQ-279
Evolution GUI Role based permissions framework has been redesigned SQ-243
Evolution Server Java 11 is now supported by Squore


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