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Squore 19.0 was released on April 30th 2019.

This release brings REST API on project data, the possibility to apply a model on all project versions, a new home page, support of multi dashboards and management of findings from Source Code.

Read on to take a visual tour of the new features of Squore 19.0!

New Features

New Home Page

The home page is now refurbished.

A timeline presents chronological information related to projects builds, pinned artefacts and comments added by other users.

The timeline provides filters to allow users to focus on particular activitiy or project. It also provides a period selector which allows users to display a particular period of time.

The previous blocks "last projects visited", "pinned artefacts", "tasks" and "documentation" are still accessible.

The Squore REST API

Squore now includes a full REST API which you can use to retrieve projects, versions, artefacts, metrics and user management.

You can browse the API documentation directly from your Squore Server (? > API Documentation). To help you get started with the API, we have written an API Quick Start Guide.

Reapply Model

Now, it is possible to apply a new model (or updated one) using the project data in database, without executing repository connectors and data providers!

Go to the project page and click on "Reapply model":


Then select a wizard to apply, and choose between:

  • Update this projet
  • Duplicate into new project

Finally, click on "Run" to update or create the projet with an up-to-date model.

Cloning A Project Version

To branch a project version, this option will help you to keep all data of a build version (build option, relaxation states, ...).

Go to the "My projects" page, click "Manage" on the desired project, in the "Versions" tab a new "Clone" column is available:

Then fill the following form to create a new project using this version as the first version of the new project:

Multi-dashboards & Roles Permission

To simplify the role management, we removed the "view as" popup that filtered elements visible only for a specific project role. 

Roles/team continue to be defined as before but if you are "developer" and "project manager", you can now view all items that you have the right to see at the same time. 

For example:

  • action items without "roles" permission
  • action items with role permission "developer" or "project manager"
  • not the action items with role permission "tester"

It is available for all main elements:

  • Dashboards
  • Action items
  • Highlights
  • Exports
  • Reports

In most cases, it doesn't change the page design, except for dashboards. It allows you to have access to several dashboards for a same artefact/model/group, so it is possible to switch from one dashboard to another just above the charts in one click!

Of course it impacts also the dashboard editor with a more powerful permission management, including a new "groups" permission that limit the visibility of a dashboard to one or more specific user groups.

Manage Findings From Source Code

Users are now able to create, relax or close findings manually, directly through the "source code" user interface.

  • To create a finding, click on the line number placed on the gutter to display the dedicated form (see below). User has to select the finding rule and fill a description.

  • To relax a finding, click on the warning icon to display the dedicated form (see below). If several findings are positioned at a code line, user has to select the desired one among them.
    User has to select the relaxation status and add a comment.
  • In addition, the form allows users to remove findings if added manually. 

Indicators & Information Support For TextValues Charts

On the 18.1 version, only measures were allowed on the "TextValues" chart, now, it is possible to add textual information and indicators.

To return to the source code or to follow the original URL of a ticket for example, it was necessary to add the "SourceCode" chart on the dashboard.

Now, it is a simple link added automatically on the top right corner of the dashboard tab:

Note that the "SourceCode" chart is now deprecated.

New Scripting Language Groovy

A new language is now available to write scripts for data providers, repository connectors, exports and such : Groovy.

Why Groovy :

  • is a JVM based language
  • is developer friendly (easy to read/write)
  • can be embedded in Squore and doesn't have system dependencies

A simple example of the configuration to execute a groovy script (form.xml):

<exec-phase id="add-data">
    <exec name="java">
        <arg value="${javaClasspath(groovy)}"/>
        <arg value="groovy.lang.GroovyShell" />
        <arg value="${getToolConfigDir(jsonToCSVFile.groovy)}" />

Export Scripts Improvements

  • Add ${token} parameter to call REST Api.
  • All scripts provided by Squore are now written in Groovy instead of nashorn (javascript for Java).

New "Hide Input Tags" Feature

Use the new "displayIf" element on the form.xml files to define conditions on the tagged field to make it visible in the web UI.

<tag type="text" key="config_file"/>
<tag type="text" key="url">
		<notEmpty key="config_file" />

Further reading: Hiding Data Provider Elements In Web UI

Optional Squan Sources

Running Squan Sources is now optional in the Software Analytics model. When launching an analysis with the Software Analytics model, Squan Sources is no longer launched by default, since a Software Analytics project may contain only tickets, requirements or resources, not necessarily source code.

The data provider is now optional, but this means that your scripts must be updated to explicitly launch Squan Sources if you are analysing source code, which was not the case in previous versions.

For most projects, this is as easy as adding -d type=SQuORE to your command line. For more details, refer to the Squan Source command line documentation.

Queue Management Enhancements

Up to Squore 18.1, changing the queue size was complicated (

This is now a simple parameter in <SQUORE_HOME>/server/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml:

  • Stop Squore
  • Edit <SQUORE_HOME>/server/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml to change the default value (8 concurrent tasks)
  • Start Squore

<managed-executor-service name="squore" jndi-name="java:jboss/ee/concurrency/executor/squore" context-service="default" long-running-tasks="true" core-threads="8"/>

Removed and Deprecated Features Since 18.1

  • Export scripts using file have been removed, use pre-defined highlights exports scripts or custom exports using API instead.
  • The "View Source" chart is now deprecated. An automatic link is now available.

Licensing Changes

Your 17.x or 18.x annual subscription license is fully compatible with Squore 19 provided your license has been distributed from March 1st 2019.

If your license has been distributed before March 1st 2019, please contact the Squore support in order to request a new license, compatible with Squore 19.

API Changes

The API user management (user, groups, roles, permissions) has changed.

The information is now wrapped in a JSON object and has an object that contains links to other APIs. Consult the  API documentation.

Squore 18.1 user API example  : 

    "id": 1,
    "login": "admin",
    "locale": "en",
    "timeZone": "Europe/Paris"

Squore 19.0 user API example  : 

 "_links": {
    "self": "http://localhost:8180/SQuORE_Server/api/users"
 "users": [
     "_links": {
          "self": "http://localhost:8180/SQuORE_Server/api/users/1"
      "id": 1,
      "login": "admin",
      "locale": "en",
      "timeZone": "Europe/Paris"

Changes in Installation Prerequisites

No changes since 18.1

Known Issues

  • If you are using Oracle, make sure to deactivate statistics columns before upgrading otherwise the upgrade will fail with the following error : "Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-54032: column to be renamed is used in a virtual column expression".

Upgrade Notes

From previous minor version to this version :

  • Additional disk space required by upgrade: 20% of database size.
  • Some benchmarks:
    • Platform: Fedora 29, Intel Core i7-7700HQ, 16 GB RAM, SSD disk. / Time: 160 s/GB.
    • Platform: CentOS 6.7 Final, Intel Xeon CPU E5-1650, 128 GB RAM, HGST Ultrastar 7K4000 disk. / Time: 470 s/GB.

Configuration Changes

For a detailed changelog of the Shared folder, consult the full Configuration Folder Changelog :

Full Changelog


Published on 28th October 2020

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no

Type Category Description Id
Evolution Documentation Folder names in install documentation are now standardised SQ-1571
Problem Documentation Removed "" occurrence in "keep data files" tooltip SQ-1587
Problem Documentation Button name on Notification help page has been updated SQ-1530
Problem GUI Removed reference to non-existant UI element in Administration tutorial SQ-1528
Problem GUI Rephrased text in "Block this user" dialog SQ-1527
Problem Models Corrected translation of "due date" in Software Analytics model SQ-1787


Published on 25th September 2020

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no

Type Category Description Id
Problem Database Relaxation/exclusion variables other than 'RELAXED' are now considered during upgrade SQ-1281
Evolution Documentation Documentation for "displayType" and "displayValueType" variable has been updated SQ-1202
Problem Documentation SWAN handbook has been reviewed SQ-1303
Problem Documentation Reports configuration in Configuration Manual is now up-to-date SQ-1520
Evolution Documentation Documenation update with Kiviat chart new attributes for tooltip SQ-1418
Problem GUI New Kiviat chart attributes for tooltip customisation SQ-1295
Evolution GUI Indicators are now displayed by alphabetical order in Model Viewer SQ-1237
Problem GUI Typos in License page message have been corrected SQ-1370
Problem Server Improved stability mechanism to better handle use of multiple DPs SQ-1411
Problem Server ArtefactType' attribute for indicator is now handled properly by "where" clause in Highlight definition SQ-1185


Published on 31st July 2020

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no

Type Category Description Id
Problem Addons The reading format of DP Klocwork has been updated SQ-880
Evolution Addons Following DPs, compiler, cvs_findings and qac now accepts multiple input files SQ-1171
Problem Database Fixed a delta display problem on Cloning Findings between project versions SQ-909
Problem Documentation RC option "useCredentialsForSCA" is now documented SQ-1129
Problem Documentation Deprecated "getToolConfigDir" function has been removed from documentation SQ-1116
Evolution Documentation Sources folder documentation has been improved SQ-1164
Evolution Documentation SSL certificate setup procedure with CLI is now documented SQ-796
Problem GUI Home page projects drop-down list is now alphabetically sorted SQ-1049


Published on 2nd June 2020

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no

Type Category Description Id
Problem Addons Improve support of Java syntax SQ-833
Problem Configuration Category are now available by default in Jira DP SQ-852
Problem Server Finding mapping mechanism improvement between one version to the other SQ-815


Published on 27th April 2020

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no

Type Category Description Id
Problem API Displayed findings line numbers for draft version are now coherent between IHM and exports SQ-705
Problem Engine Improvement of C analyser sub-function detection method SQ-800


Published on 15th April 2020

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no

Type Category Description Id
Problem Configuration Squore supported ZIP files now accept more special characters SQ-633
Problem DB Better support for cloning projects using multi localization Findings SQ-744
Problem Configuration Fixed a bug that prevented the Checkstyle data-provider from excluding files or directory SQ-768
Problem API Fixed a bug that prevented the API from accessing findings using an old rule SQ-707
Problem Server Fixed a bug that could prevent a problem on "suspicious" Finding when changing its status SQ-752
Problem GUI Enhanced Microsoft Edge Browser Support SQ-767, SQ-763
Problem Addons Improvement of the C parser SQ-785
Problem API Fixed a minor bug on the Swagger API documentation page SQ-661


Published on 20th March 2020

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no [diff]

Type Category Description Id
Problem Addons Stability computation now handles empty Ada packs SQ-429
Problem API Findings new status is now correctly returned by API SQ-338
Problem Documentation Milestones attributes desciption in documentation is now accurate SQ-337
Problem GUI Display shape in charts is now working properly SQ-571
Problem GUI Chart from score card line are now loading properly SQ-558
Problem GUI In filters, checked/unchecked values are now handled properly when changing selection SQ-602
Problem GUI Artefacts are now diplayed correctly when using indicators and/or measure filters SQ-538
Problem IHM Version date is now displayed properly in all locations SQ-574
Problem Server Manual baseline now removes last-draft folder SQ-369
Problem Server PhantomJS stability/reliability improvement SQ-424


Published on 4th December 2019

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no [diff]

Type Category Description Id
Problem Addons Variable ${idApplication} for export is wrong #13945
Problem Addons Nested C functions are not nested in Squore tree #14110
Problem Addons SquoreImport doesn't copy the input-keys file #14125
Question Addons Squan Source : improve exclude/inclide files and directories mechanism #14143
Problem Addons Crash in findings stability on Legacy projects #14195
Problem GUI Action Items crash because of Remote Url #14135
Problem GUI Wrong indicator trend on new artefacts #14199
Problem GUI After a dashboard creation the mouse wheel does not work anymore to scroll the dashboard editor. #13741
Problem GUI "No conversation found" error when cloning version with same project and version name #14172
Problem GUI Impossible to edit a Highlights with a condition pattern #14189
Problem Server In reports findings in "DEROGATION" appears in "LEGACY" relaxation state #13952
Problem Tools Crash in stability when switching from C to C++ #14105


Published on 14th November 2019

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no [diff]

Type Category Description Id
Problem Addons Stability crash on project context changes #12434
Problem Addons Variable ${idApplication} for export is wrong #13945
Problem Addons Compute the Squan rebuild flag using also configuration files #14086
Problem Addons Error "missing clause brace" with long lines in the code in CPPTest #14083
Problem API Different "analysisTime" value returned by two different API requests on same project #13676
Problem API Error finding API with User findings #13886
Problem API Add characteristics in API requests #13853
Problem API DataProviderServlet give DP information specified as RC #13994
Problem DB Release format parsing issue during upgrade #13806
Problem DB Upgrade issue on duplicated drafts in database #13955
Problem DB Oracle issue with virtual columns when upgrading from 18.0.10 #14013
Problem Eclipse Plugin Impossible to launch 'synchronize' command on Eclipse Mars version #13799
Problem GUI Crash on findings tab when rules have been deleted on model #13005
Problem GUI Crash when using the findings action plan #13212
Problem GUI Milestones label not kept from one build to another #13511
Problem GUI In the Home Page projects history, a project without model does not have an url #13873
Problem GUI Crash on "All Rules" view when model is removed #13870
Problem GUI Problem when filter on UP/DOWN/STABLE evolution #13879
Problem GUI Crash on indicator tab when model is removed #13872
Problem GUI Potential wrong displayed measure on artefact table #13845
Problem GUI Problems when counting elements in home page #13914
Problem GUI The reapply model in the contextual menu, even disabled, is clickable #13923
Problem GUI Home Page support for IE11 #13919
Problem GUI Filter buttons are misplaced when breadcrumb is activated #13929
Problem GUI Wrong information message in french in the Home page for visualizing more builds #13940
Problem GUI Remove second to last version information in Home page #13937
Problem GUI Intempestive horizontal scrollbar on dashboard #13936
Problem GUI Empty time range when Home Page API is called #13995
Problem GUI Crash on action items when switching between a model with classic and dynamic action plan #14018
Problem Server Broken "Apply Changes" feature when adding a tool parameter #14096
Problem Server Add a permission for API access #13109
Problem Server Cannot relax too many Findings at the same time #13877
Problem Server Reapply model fails on old versions #13858
Problem Server Crash on apply model with repository that doesn't have associated root artefact #13926
Problem Server In reports, findings in "DEROGATION" appears in "LEGACY" relaxation state #13952
Problem Server Unexpected element in output.xml from 14-B #13966


Published on 6th September 2019

  • Includes database upgrade: yes
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no [diff]

Type Category Description Id
Problem Clients Squore 19 don't recognize old versions of TCL. #13749
Problem Clients Analysis still appears as "Processing" on Projects page even though it has failed #13750
Problem Clients Java property not considered when given in command line #13532
Problem Clients Crash when computing recursive links #13697
Problem Configuration Problem with "close.svg" icon for ticket status #13736
Problem Configuration Problem when trying to include tables without icons in reports while applying Jasper template #13748
Problem DB Upgrade to 19.0 may fail when 15-A was in use #13718
Problem Eclipse Plugin Support of multi dashboards in Plugin Eclipse #12946
Problem Engines Impossible to provide an artefact just below the application without id and an empty path #13713
Problem GUI Problem with templates using the same identifier after upgrade #13710
Problem GUI Actions Items - Error when open a table line at model_group level #13436
Problem GUI Dashboard editor problem could occured when creating a new dashboard #13737
Problem GUI Artefact link is lost when creating a new dashboard from an existing dashboard #13739
Problem Tools Problem with checkedInUI option behavior when using CLI #13728


Published on 8th August 2019

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no [diff]

Type Category Description Id
Problem Clients Crash when computing recursive links #13697
Problem GUI Incorrect description of "Projects" help popup #13695
Problem GUI Erroneous "Apply Model" option label in "My Projects" page #13669
Problem Process Change hostid.jar filename to squore-hostid.jar #13689
Problem Server Problem with HTTP to HTTPS redirection - Code 302 : Found #13671


Published on 2nd August 2019

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no [diff]

Type Category Description Id
Problem Configuration Re Apply "Override" do not reuse the tag information #13600
Problem DB HibernateException on the server.log during apply model #13612
Problem DB Upgrade issue with content of projects directory #13648
Problem Eclipse Plugin Remove border of the export button in highlights view #13624
Problem GUI Using Opensuse Linux, display error of the user name on the home page of Squore. #13630
Problem GUI Error on reloading configuration, impossible to find the source #13640
Problem Server Problem with HTTP to HTTPS redirection - Code 302 : Found #13671
Problem Server Warn User When Deleting Old Version On Later Page #13392


Published on 15th July 2019

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no [diff]

Milestones functionality changes

Following problems with milestones functionality, the version 19.0.5 of squore incorporates a major overhaul of the milestones system. This implies that milestones results may change compared to your previous analyzes.

Milestones upgrade - Comparison chart

From Squore 19.0.5

Impossible to set an empty goal value from the GUI, as same as CLI.

An empty value is possible from the GUI = no goal for this milestone.

GUI values override milestones defined on data providers.

There is an option to skip GUI values. This option is configurable on the wizard bundle file: <milestones skipUiValues=”false” changeableMode=”true” />

Impossible to remove a milestone from DP and CLI.

Now, there is no more overriding of values using the previous version, so if no milestones / goals are defined from DP / CLI, all milestones / goals will be removed of this project version.

It is difficult to understand what the source of the values is when we mix goals from build options (GUI or CLI) and data providers.

From GUI, we choose explicitly the source with the checkbox option. From CLI, if milestones are defined on the command line, we use it, otherwise, the data providers are used, but we don’t mix values.

Impossible to set a display name of the milestone from data providers.

New attribute ‘displayName’ on input-data.xml file: <milestone name=”MIL_ID” displayName=”My name” … />

Impossible to set a milestone date using ISO format on data provider, as same as CLI.

Now, it is possible to write this on the input-data.xml:

<milestone name="M1" date="2019-07-20T10:11:12">

Type Category Description Id
Problem API Add the "Queued" status on the project API result #13613
Evolution Clients It is not possible to update future milestones dates by Data Provider #13363
Problem Configuration The GOAL function can not be used on non-APPLICATION level's chart #13508
Problem Eclipse Plugin Impossible to build a new version of project #13536
Problem Eclipse Plugin the project list is not correctly imported into the eclipse plugin #13558
Problem Eclipse Plugin Error with Highlights in the Eclipse Plugin - empty values #12983
Evolution Eclipse Plugin Add the possibility to begin the analysis on a sub-folder #13462
Evolution Eclipse Plugin Using Eclipse plugin, it's now possible to export Highlights view in CSV #13460
Problem GUI Dashboard Editor does not resize charts when the window is resized #12754
Problem GUI Internal error when trying to access "Administration>System" #13538
Problem GUI When adding a chart in favourites tab, a scrollbars appear in the chart viewer #12843
Evolution GUI Administration > Statistics > Users, display users list in multiple pages #13170
Problem GUI Using milestones, differences between CLI and GUI behavior #13445
Problem GUI Table content is not displayed correctly after modification of visibility properties #13591
Problem GUI Special characters in description tables are incorrectly displayed #13592
Problem GUI The Milestone wizard page now have a read only option. #13446
Problem Server Error message in server log instead of web UI when there are no editable findings to relax #12803
Problem Server Avoid line breaks in "Add Filter" dialog #12666


Published on 5th July 2019

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: yes, #13544  [diff]

Type Category Description Id
Problem API Invalid description URL to the documentation #13455
Problem Configuration VectorCAST data provider issue with CPP project #13461
Problem Configuration Added missing fortran rules in Squore ruleset #13544
Problem Eclipse Plugin Removed artefact types selection on Highlights tab #13518
Problem Eclipse Plugin Empty values in Highlights in the Eclipse Plugin. #12983
Problem Engines Display warning on missing ".IMAGE" property only if a level is used on a KPI chart #13540
Problem GUI Artefact missing when clicking on the last bar of an histogram #13095
Problem Server New cancel button in privacy popup #13110


Published on 21th June 2019

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no [diff]

Type Category Description Id
Problem Addons Csv import for Canoe DP #13384
Problem Configuration Wrong handling of filter option for Import Ticket DP #13452
Problem DB Error when upgrading dead rules from 18.0.0 #13413
Problem Engines Fatal error when reading a model with duplicated base measure or rule for a same artefact type #13513
Problem GUI No page refresh when "Hide Project From Tree" button is clicked #13448
Problem GUI Refurbished "Administration > System > Notification" page #13484
Problem GUI Column "Path" can now be omitted from Highlights export #13450
Problem Server Error when duplicating project in Oracle DB #13386


Published on 7th June 2019

  • Includes database upgrade: yes
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: yes (from 18.x and lower) | no (from 19.0)

  • Also includes all changes and bug fixes from Squore 18.1.6 (release to be published for the week 24)

Type Category Description Id
Problem Addons Corrections on the data-provider Canoe #13346
Problem API Project details API should return project status #13397
Problem API The project settings for the findings aren't uses on the findings API #13283
Problem Charts Crash when data range is empty on distributed chart #13369
Problem Charts Period range improved on charts #13324
Problem Clients Fail To Create Demo Projects Already Created By Another User #13287
Problem Configuration Risky Empty Statement should be assigned to Reliability #13262
Problem Configuration In Reports, The "number of files" is not displayed #13385
Evolution Configuration CANoe data provider shall support recursive parsing #13345
Problem Configuration Form tags should support the metrics format #11086
Problem Configuration Problems on rating with meta-projects #13256
Problem Configuration Error When Adding Artefact Manually #13407
Problem DB Upgrade to 19.0 works properly with meta-projects #13296
Problem DB Workspace is now cleaned before Restore #13330
Problem DB Projects are now Cleaned Before Restore #13351
Problem DB Crash when apply changes on a meta project is now corrected #13255
Problem DB Oracle is now compatible with Squore 19 #13344
Problem DB Remove Deprecated Chocolate Skin From database after upgrade from a previous version #13353
Problem DB Duplicated draft version in DB when multiple click on apply changes #13314
Problem Documentation  "Technical Debt" chapter add in the documentation #13189
Problem Eclipse Plugin Correction on project creation when using eclipse plugin #13426
Problem Engines Inconsistency results of RuleCompliance when using multi-project creation (SUB_APPLICATION) due to missing "Provided By" #12216
Evolution GUI Could the 'Path' be omitted from Highlights #10899
Problem GUI Problem on artefact series charts with duplicated artefact names #13089
Problem GUI Remove empty table line in Dashboard #13331
Evolution GUI Incomplete display of the artefact names in the Ar(...) #10451
Problem GUI When creating Mars demo project, there is display problem #13239
Problem GUI Tree - Double click to enlarge tree container #13347
Problem GUI Add a default order by "id" on charts #13368
Problem GUI "mode" options not vertically aligned on the reapply model page #13305
Problem GUI Bad margin on Apply model page #13367
Problem GUI Bug on comments tab interaction #13261
Problem GUI Missing icon on home page with project in error #13366
Problem GUI Progress is not accurate for "Apply model" tasks #13295
Problem GUI Third drill down is not resizable on the bottom border #6089
Problem GUI Crash on rerun project #13316
Problem Server Print a message when a rule uses the same category twice #12562
Problem Server Using CLI, some projects in the queue are not built #13417
Problem Server Role created by API does not appear in UI #13339
Problem Server Wrong Squore URL retrieved when running behind Apache ReverseProxy #12737
Problem Server Form values on pending draft version are ignored at Application level on rerun #13402
Problem Server SQLGrammarException Error when displaying filtered cloning findings #12838
Problem Server Impossible to rerun problem with mandatory DP #13361
Problem Server Remove Meta-Projects Wizards From Apply Model Drop-Down List #13290
Problem Server Error occured on upgrade from 18.1.5 #13258
Problem Server Apply changes does not work for PATH repositories #9401
Problem Server Cloning Project : Error When Changing Version Name #13300
Problem Server Apply_duplicate fails when only one version is selected #13298
Problem Server NPE on call highlight API for the ALL_NEW_ARTEFACT definition #13235
Problem Server Project analysis doesn't finish when there is FileAlreadyExistsException in logs #13086
Problem Server Missing protection when Apply Model on multiple Projects #13289
Problem Server Scripts_Download.bat is not strong enough #13312
Problem Server Installation with Oracle database backend is not available #12901
Problem Server RC Path is not checked when no data provider requires sources in the project #12750
Problem Server Add Consistency Checks On Meta-Projects #13291
Problem Server Crash when apply model on a meta project #13254
Problem Server Sql error when clicking "Apply" in Filter view #13213
Problem Server Minor problems on API are solved #13211


Published on 30th April 2019

  • Includes database upgrade: yes
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: yes
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: yes (from any version)

  • Also includes all changes and bug fixes from Squore 18.1.5

Type Category Description Id
Evolution Addons Delete deprecated "" file. #12929
Evolution Addons Convert Export  from JJS to Groovy #12874
Evolution Addons Convert Data Providers from JJS to Groovy #12923
Evolution Addons Upgrade Groovy to 2.5.6 #13028
Evolution Addons Add new xlsx export example #13055
Evolution Addons Use same export script for Application and Model #13078
Problem Addons Migrate to TCL 8.6 64bit version #12614
Evolution Clients Export SQUORE data in JSON format #11060
Evolution Configuration Source code KPI ignored if source code is not imported #12520
Problem Configuration New Data Provider for Coverage tool 'Testwell CTC++' #13190
Evolution Configuration Added a generic findings import based on xml files #12966
Evolution Configuration Software Analytics supports CPPTest for MISRA 2012 #13260
Problem Configuration Improve "OFF" levels consistency #12760
Problem Configuration Improve validation of Models descriptions #13024
Evolution Configuration Klocwork now imports MISRA checkers #13210
Evolution Configuration Added support for requirements artefacts in Software Analytics #11939
Evolution Configuration "Defect_Enhancement Distribution" chart refactoring #11934
Problem Configuration Added support for MISRA-related metrics #11964
Evolution Configuration Squan Sources is now an optional data provider in Software Analytics #12092
Evolution Configuration Added CANoe and vTestStudio data provider to Software Analytics #12527
Evolution Configuration Added bauhaus data provider for MISRA 2012 checker #12661
Problem Engines Fix wrong call to legacy process tracker in GIT RC. #12804
Evolution Engines Allow <exec-tool> on export and repository connectors #13052
Evolution Engines Function ${getSharedAddonsFile} now accepts addons/shared path #13067
Evolution Engines Add new export property ${localUrl} #13077
Evolution Engines Support free metrics not defined on analysis model #12447
Problem GUI When editing the user page, the "New Password" field is now empty #13134
Evolution GUI New home page #8781
Evolution GUI Re-Apply is applicable to a portfolio (group of projects) #13156
Evolution GUI Support display conditions of form tags #12950
Evolution GUI Add source code access by default on the dashboard tab #13172
Evolution GUI Manual findings and relaxation possible from Code Mirror #7439
Evolution GUI Supply swagger-ui for API testing #11581
Problem GUI New symbols and colors in the control flow graph #12606
Evolution GUI Report description in a tooltip #12656
Evolution Server New clone project feature #10745
Evolution Server New apply model feature #11144
Evolution Server Multi-dashboards and roles permission #11705
Evolution Server Provide a REST FULL interface to SQuORE data #5169
Evolution Server Export findings from multiple projects using the API #12478
Evolution Server Support indicator and info on TextValues chart #11106
Evolution Server Exports can be created via API #12317
Problem Server Text passwords are now hidden in conf.xml files #12789
Problem Server DP in error no longer makes a project end in warning #12816
Problem Server NullPointerException when trying to view finding locations in files. #12839
Problem Server Warning when deleting temp sources folder is now INFO message #12867
Evolution Server Do not allow creating multiple tokens with the same name #12942
Evolution Server Use same export script for Model and Group #13118
Evolution Server Improve transactions involving disk operations #5607
Problem Server Use supplied version of hibernate in WildFly #9631
Evolution Server Handle IllegalStateException: Repository already attached to a node #11710
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