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Squore 18.1 was released on October 12th 2018.

This release brings many new improvements to the data that can be displayed charts on the dashboard, as well as new filtering capabilities.

Read on to take a visual tour of the new features of Squore 18.1!

New Features

Donut and Drill-Down Pies

The SimplePie chart has been improved to accept multiple distribution level. It is also possible to choose the "drill-down" mode instead of the default "donut" mode.

See the following example representing the tickets distribution by "status" levels then by "status" information.

Donut mode"Drill-down" mode (+ view after an "Open" click)

Further reading: Configuration Manual

View Artefact Lists From a Distributed Chart (Data Tab)

In Distributed charts, you can now click on section of the chart to see the corresponding artefacts of the distribution.

Example on a SimplePie with 3 distributed variables, click on Language = C++, Root level = AComplexity Distribution = D:

After the selection, you can see the list of corresponding artefacts and 2 buttons that allow you to:

  • add all artefacts to the review set
  • create a manual highlight definition from this selection so you can display more information about these artefacts

Further reading: Getting Started Guide

The Reference Version Now Impact All Trends

If you change the reference version, all trend icons are updated (except in the portfolio drill-down). The following items are updated:

  • The Artefact Tree
  • The Indicator Tree
  • The Score Card
  • The charts that use the reference version
  • The evolution filters
  • The delta of findings number (this was already the case with the previous, limited implementation of the Reference Version selection)

Since choosing a reference version has more impacts everywhere on the dashboard, we moved the version selection widget to a more prominent place in the web interface, next to the Filter Panel:

By default, the reference version is not selected, because this reference version is also used to filter the temporal charts.

For example, if you filter on "deteriorated" artefacts, on temporal charts:

  • Without reference version: Filter is applied version by version comparing the previous version.
  • With selected reference version: All versions are compared to this reference version. To avoid problem of comprehension, we don't display versions before this reference version.

Further reading: Getting Started Guide

Additional columns on Pivot Table (#11940)

Instead of a simple counting of values, the Pivot Table now support additional columns with aggregation:

It is possible to add columns using the following aggregation types for the current version value, OR the reference value, OR the delta with the reference value:

  • MIN

  • MAX

  • OCC

  • AVG

  • DEV

  • SUM

  • MED

  • MOD

Moreover, if you click on the minimum or maximum value, you can see the corresponding artefact of this value.

Further reading: Configuration Guide > Pivot Table

Color From Indicator on Artefact Charts at Model / Group Level

On a model dashboard, there is a new option to use a specific color from an indicator for each project (as has been possible for a long time in artefact dashboards).

For example on the 'Complexity Volume Vs Cloning' chart using the Software Analytics model:

Without color from indicator option
(charts use the project's color defined in the project wizard)

With color from 'Branch Cov Status' indicator:

Further reading: colorFromIndicator, Artefact Pie Cell Artefact Table Quadrant Artefact Scrumboard Treemap X/Y-Cloud

Artefact Scrumboard Distributed by Information

It was already possible to define an Artefact Scrumboard distributed by levels, it is now possible to do the same thing using textual information.

For example, see the two following charts, the classic one, distributed by 'ticket status' and the second one by 'reporter':

Further reading: Configuration Guide > Artefact Scrumboard

Support Grouping Values for Distribution Charts 

In Squore 18.0, we introduce the possibility to distribute by metric values, but it was not enough if you have a lot of distinct values. So we greatly improve this with grouping options:

  • By an interval value: Example with ranking grouping by 10 lines of code of functions

  • By a date interval: Example with number of tickets created by quarter:

  • By a duration interval, same than value but with pre-defined duration interval and automatic conversion of duration metrics

Support of Metrics and textual Information on ArtefactTable Chart

Only indicators were supported before. The following example shows tickets with additional information (the Closure Date metric and the Reporter textual information):

Further reading: Configuration Guide > Artefact Table

Support of Filters on Temporal Descendants Charts

Now the temporal descendants charts (TESStackedBar) are filtered version by version.

Example on a distribution of tickets:

1) Before:

2) Apply filter without "closed" and "Verification":

3) Result:

Support of Filters on Charts and Score Card Tables Using Metrics (#12280)

In Squore 18.0, it was impossible to dynamically re-compute values of metrics after applying a filter filters. In Squore 18.1, it is possible in some cases:

  • Artefact counting (COUNT <artefactType> FROM <scope> WHERE <simpleCondition>):

    not filteredfiltered

  • Metrics Aggregation (SUM <artefactType>.<metric> FROM <scope> WHERE <simpleCondition>):

    not filteredfiltered

    Note: You can see that the "Effective Lines Of Code" is not filtered and the value is grayed out. It is due to the computation under this metric is not yet supported by the auto filtering mechanism, so it is grayed out to avoid confusion for the end-user. 

This new mechanism is also used to filter more charts using these kind of queries:

  • Temporal charts
  • SQALE Pyramid chart
  • OptimizedPie / OptimizedBar charts
  • Dial chart
  • TextValues chart
  • ...

    Example on a SQALE Pyramid:

    Note: You can see the "orange" filtered icon that indicate this chart is automatically filtered. Otherwise, the chart is grayed out.

Conditions Improvements (where syntax)

Conditions on charts or highlights were really limited, now, it is common and more powerful:

   <measure id="" values|bounds="" [invert="false"] />
   <indicator id="" levels="" [invert="false"] />
   <info id="" values|patterns="" [invert="false"]>
  • Support of a list of values or a range for measure
  • Support of a list of levels for indicator (Example: <indicator id="MY_IND" levels="UNKNOWN;NONE" />)
  • Support of a list of values or a list of patterns for information
  • Support inverse of the filter (not this list of values or not match this pattern)

So several elements are deprecated and replaced by this new syntax:

  • "filterMeasure" on charts
  • "Where" on highlights
  • "Where" on reports to filter sub-artefacts in report definitions

Further reading: Support for where clause in highlight definitions, charts and reports as a replacement for the more limited Where or filterMeasure element, Filtering Artefacts in Distributed Charts using a where clauseReport BundleIncluding Information from Child ArtefactsUnderstanding Highlights

Bounds Management Improvements

In Squore 16.0, we introduce the possibility to define the valid data range for a measure directly in the measure definition with the dataBounds attribute.

This range is used to manage the "none" value, for example, if the value is "-1" and the dataBounds is "[0;[" equivalent to "0 to +Infinity", the value "-1" was never displayed in the GUI (it was replaced by a simple "-" for example).

But on distribution charts, artefacts with this value were automatically excluded, and it is not always that the user want. So we improve the behavior:

  • The valid data range defined on the measure definition never filter artefacts, unless an explicit filter is defined with the "null" specific value: 

    	<measure id="MEASURE_ID" values="null" invert="true" />
  • A value "out of bounds" or not set, have the same behavior.
  • The same behavior is used for textual metrics.
  • On charts and filter right panel, the character "Ø" is displayed in case of no value or value out of valid range. 
    Obviously, on a chart distribution, it is also possible to click on this value to see the corresponding artefacts.

Simplification of XML Syntax and groups Permission

To avoid unnecessary nested XML elements, an highlight definition can now be described without parents container:


<Bundle xmlns:xi="">
	<Role name="DEFAULT">
		<Filters type="PACKAGES">
			<TopArtefacts id="TOP_10_MOST_CHANGED_ARTEFACTS" measureId="SI" order="ASC" resultSize="10">
				<Where measureId="SI" bounds="[0;1[" />
				<Column measureId="SI" suffix="%" />
				<Column measureId="LC" />


<Bundle xmlns:xi="">
	<TopArtefacts id="TOP_10_MOST_CHANGED_ARTEFACTS" onArtefactTypes="PACKAGES" measureId="SI" order="ASC" resultSize="10">
		<Where measureId="SI" bounds="[0;1[" />
		<Column measureId="SI" suffix="%" />
		<Column measureId="LC" />


  • Role DEFAULT is not necessary, a new "roles" attribute exists to limit the visibility of the item. Possible only at "artefact" level, at "model" level, it does not make sense.
  • Element "Package" is allowed to easily separate the definitions on different files. 
  • A new attribute "groups" exists to limit the visibility only for users included on these user groups.
  • Attribute "onArtefactTypes" replace the "type" attribute on the parent element.

Further reading: Configuration Guide > Simplified syntax of Highlights Bundle, Understanding Highlights

Highlights at Model / Group Level

Now it is possible to see highlights tab at model / group level. It is a simple flat view of projects ONLY (not sub artefacts of projects for the moment).

Like on artefacts level, XML definition or dynamic creation are supported.

It allows to:

  • See more than one projects table (only one table on dashboard model)
  • Add to review set several specific projets
  • Export a summary table with specific indicators and metrics
  • Add specific filters to highlight different projets: "Projects with missing tests" or "Projects ordered by Business Value" ...
  • Possible to use it on the export tab (See new export feature) to create an excel file for example.

See the result of the following XML definition:

<TopArtefacts id="PROJECT_SUMMARY" onArtefactTypes="MODEL" artefactTypes="APPLICATION" indicatorId="LEVEL" order="DESC" resultSize="*">
	<Column measureId="ROKR_SUBSET" />
	<Column measureId="RULE_SUBSET" />
	<Column measureId="ICFTCR" />
	<Column measureId="ICCR" />
	<Column measureId="CLASSES_CPXT_DENS" />
	<Column measureId="MODULES_CPXT_DENS" />
	<Column measureId="CPXT_VOLR" />
	<Column measureId="SDESCR" />
	<Column measureId="TECH_DEBT" />
	<Column measureId="LC" />
	<Column measureId="ESTIMATED_FUNCTION_POINT" />
	<Column indicatorId="TECH_DEBT_VS_REBUILD_COST" displayType="ICON" />

New Generic Export Mechanism

Like data providers or repository connectors, now the exports definition support the same mechanism.

1) Create a new folder: <your_configuration>/exports/<new_name> with a form.xml file. Example with the standard "highlights_excel" export:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <tag type="multipleChoice" displayType="multi-autocomplete" key="highlights" converter="highlights-to-json">
		<values type="highlights" />

	<exec-phase id="export">
		<exec name="javascript">
			<arg value="${nashornClasspath(poi)}" />
			<arg value="${getConfigFile(main.js)}" />
			<arg value="--" />
			<arg value="${getSharedAddonsFile(common.js)}" />
			<arg tag="highlights" />
			<arg value="${outputDirectory}" />
			<arg value="${getConfigFile(template.xlsx)}" />

2) Reference this export on your model: <your_configuration>/models/<model>/Exports/Bundle.xml:

<Export type="APPLICATION">
    <ExportDef name="highlights_excel" />

3) Reload the configuration

And you can see a new export available on the export tab. When you select it, potential fields appears if tags are defined on your form.xml. On apply, values of fields are sent to the script and a file is generated (excel / json / xml, as you like...). 

Further reading: Create new Export Definitions in your configuration via a form.xml , Creating a form.xml for your own Data Providers, Repository Connectors and Export Definitions

Improvement of links support

On charts, it was already possible to follow links instead of follow the classic tree hierarchy, but it was impossible to select the direction of the links, now it is possible to choose between IN or OUT:

So, now it is possible to create a chart that use the tested functions on a test dashboard, OR the invert, view a chart with tests on a function dashboard without creating others links.

Moreover, this possibility to follow link has been added to the highlights section.

Support Filters on Versions

Now, it is possible to filter the number of versions of projects, just select the minimal version date:

It is only a session display option, not saved after logout.


  • At model level:
    • The portfolio tree, it removes versions before the minimal version date and recursively, projects and groups without children.
    • All charts and table, it removes projects when the last version date is before the minimal version date.
  • At artefact level:
    • The temporal charts, it removes versions before the minimal version date.

Further reading: Getting Started Guide

Improved Management of Deleted User Accounts

This feature was also added to Squore 18.0, starting from Squore 18.0.11.

When deleting an account in Squore, you can choose to anonymise all of the user's contributions, or purge them completely from the database

Further reading: Installation and Administration Manual

Integration with Single Sign-On Identity Providers

Squore can now be configured as a client of an identity provider platform. All platforms supporting SAML V2 should be supported.

The SSO login-module only allows users to sing into the web interface. If your workflow involves creating projects using the command line, it is a good idea to leave the LDAP login-module activated as a fallback, or command-line analyses will give you a 401 error.

Further reading: Installation and Administration Manual

Integration with GNAThub

You can now use GNAThub as a Repository Connector to point to your project source files, and as a Data Provider to aggregate the results of AdaCore's various static and dynamic analysis tools into Squore.

Note that the path to your gnathub executable should be specified in your config.xml before these tools can be used in Squore. See a sample config.xml configured to locate the gnathub executable below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<squore type="server" version="1.3">
    <path name="gnathub" path="C:\Jenkins\tools\gnathub\gnathub.exe" />    

Further reading: GNATHub data provider / GNATHub Repository Connector

New Data Providers

New data providers in this release include:

Full Tutorial UI Revamp

Our tutorials have a fresh new look, with more intuitive controls at the bottom of the window

Further reading: Configuration Guide

New features in Software Analytics

Our analysis model has evolved to include support for requirements and resource usage

See also: 

Further reading: Getting Started Guide

Online Demo

You can try all the new features in our online demo on

Removed and Deprecated Features Since 18.0

Licencing Changes Since 17.x

Your 17.x or 18.0 annual subscription licence is fully compatible with Squore 18.

Configuration Changes

For a detailed changelog of the Shared folder, consult the full Configuration Folder Changelog or check the diffs below:

Changes in Installation Prerequisites

  • PostgreSQL 8.4 is still supported but PostgreSQL 9.4 is the minimum version that allows to use the full feature set. Using a version prior to 9.4 will not allow you to view or create charts that display aggregated modulo or median values of metrics, like in the Pivot Table below:

Upgrading to Squore 18.1

Known Issues

  • If you are using Oracle, make sure to deactivate statistics columns before upgrading otherwise the upgrade will fail with the following error : "Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-54032: column to be renamed is used in a virtual column expression".

  • No statistics are collected when using the SSO login module (will be fixed in a future patch release)
  • Upgrading from a version of Squore pre-17.x is currently failing. Fixed in 18.1.4.
  • Upgrading from 18.1.x to 18.1.2 is not working on Windows. Fixed in 18.1.3.
  • There are issues refreshing the Score Card after applying a filter a second time. Fixed in a 18.1.1.
  • We are investigating an issue with the SVN Repository Connector. No issue with the SVN Repository Connector in 18.1.0.

Configuration Changes

For a detailed changelog of the Shared folder, consult the full Configuration Folder Changelog :

Full Changelog


Published on 2nd August 2019

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no

  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no [diff]

  • Also includes all changes and bug fixes from Squore 18.0.18

Type Category Description Id
Problem Configuration Problem with close svg icon of requirement #13804
Problem GUI Bug in displaying finding text #13795
Problem Process Change hostid.jar filename to squore-hostid.jar #13689


Published on 2nd August 2019

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no

  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no [diff]

Type Category Description Id
Problem Eclipse Plugin Error with Highlights in the Eclipse Plugin - empty values. #12983
Problem GUI [selenium][release] DashboardNavigationTest(LINUX-ORA-firefox).testCommentArtefactProject in error #13563


Published on 1st July 2019

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no

  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no [diff]

Type Category Description Id
Problem GUI Error when remove admin role to a user #13142
Problem API Impossible to add a group to a user #13529
Problem Server Avoid line breaks in "Add Filter" dialog #12666
Problem GUI Internal error when trying to access "Administration>System" #13538
Problem Server Avoid line breaks in "Add Filter" dialog #12666
Problem Configuration It's now possible to display milestones #13508


Published on 20th June 2019

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no

  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no [diff]

  • Also includes all changes and bug fixes from Squore 18.0.15

Type Category Description Id
Problem System Windows installation credentials saving error


Problem GUI Bug on "Hide versions" filter #13042
Problem Engines Add check on goal measure imported from DP #13360
Problem GUI Bug when creating highlights from histogram #13372
Problem GUI Bug on hide "milestones" feature in GUI #13375
Problem GUI Artefact missing when clicking on the last bar of an histogram #13095
Problem GUI Cannot roll-back when adding a new measure and grouped values in a chart #12475
Problem GUI No miniature filter icon when setting a filter on the model level dashboard #12681
Problem GUI Favourite charts page not working #13227
Problem System Remote URL intempestive re-login issue #13257
Problem Server Coverage for RTRT is computed above 100% #13380
Problem GUI Reference version incorrectly used in ArtefactConnector #5683
Problem Server Crash when exporting action items #13441
Problem Server Hidden repositories with Squan Sources DP produce error in wizard #8501
Evolution Eclipse Plugin Remove "Unknown selected element: xxx" message #13468
Problem GUI Standard automotive report not working #12615
Problem Server Use white background for jpeg export of charts instead of black #12702
Problem Configuration Wrong xLabel and yLabel on chart editor for Quadrant and XYCloud charts #12463


Published on 19th April 2019

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no

  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no

Type Category Description Id
Problem Addons Synergy Addon Scripts Update #12970
Evolution Addons Add possibility to exclude subprojects for Synergy #12962
Problem Addons Problem with the ${javaClasspath(...)} function on generic execution #12869
Problem Addons Error launching CheckStyle_auto data provider for checkstyle-8.15 #12734
Problem Configuration Problem with location of info patterns on highlights #13192
Problem Configuration Type booleanchoice does not work for Repository connectors #12961
Problem Configuration Some "Top 10" highlight definitions are missing in Software Analytics #12356
Problem Eclipse Plugin Error with Highlights in the Eclipse Plugin. There are empty values #12983
Problem GUI Cannot Change Project In Project Portfolios #13191
Evolution GUI Administration > Users (and other pages listing users) is slow #4992
Problem GUI Crash on filter panel when artefact type doesn't define a root indicator #13148
Problem GUI Crash on highlights when types are not matching to the setted filter #13084
Problem GUI Dashboard editor is now very slow #13036
Problem GUI Squore Mobile uses old default colour #12844
Problem GUI Avoid HighLight computation when initialising list of HighLights in Export #13019
Problem GUI Crash sometimes when viewing data on a temporal chart #12975
Problem GUI Error on evolution filter: inconsistencies were noticed #12792
Problem Server Description of outputFile parameter does not indicate properly that Squore needs an absolute path #12934
Problem Server Impossible to log info on the export.log file #12878
Problem Server Issues highlighting some findings in source code viewer #12840
Problem Server The result size of a duplicated highlight is not correct after refresh #12848
Problem Server SQL ERROR: syntax error at or near ")" when applying filter on tree #12715
Problem Server Unwanted @alternate.url@ string in menu "?" > "About" #12727
Problem Server The query cache sometimes executes query #13030


Published on 11th December 2018

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no [diff]

  • Also includes all changes and bug fixes from Squore 18.0.12

Type Category Description Id
Problem GUI User group permission doesn't work properly on custom highlights definition #12611
Problem Server Statistics are no more registered in Squore DB #12573
Problem GUI Impossible to open the measure trend from artefact line #12613
Problem Configuration import_req data provider fails on environments running perl 6 #12486
Problem System installer upgrade fails when coming from 18.0.11 version #12714


Published on 9th November 2018

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no [diff]

Type Category Description Id
Problem System Branding changes cause upgrade error on Windows #12588
Problem GUI Filter panel and Reference Version panel are mixed #12585


Published on 8th November 2018

  • Includes database upgrade: yes (tiny, for #12528)
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: yes (tiny, mandatory, implements caching of filter requests)
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no [diff]

Type Category Description Id
Problem Server Cannot use the --owner parameter from the command line #8555
Problem Addons VB.Net: identical functions are not detected as clones #12442
Problem Server Categories appear in random columns in Analysis Model Editor #12460
Problem GUI When clicking on a chart, no informations about the filtering status is displayed in the chart viewer #12458
Evolution GUI Update Squore UI to match Vector Corporate Design #12483
Problem Configuration Typo in description for info DESCRIPTION in Software Analytics #12488
Problem Addons Jira data provider is missing issues when downloading directly from a server #12501
Problem Server Warning in Model validator for models using the storedOnlyIfDisplayed attribute #12496
Problem Server Squore users shouldn’t be able to delete their own session #12516
Problem Server Killing two user sessions in a row results in an error #12518
Problem Engines When creating link in an artefact xml tree structure we should be able to set either dst or src. #12517
Evolution GUI Remove the chocolate theme #12528
Problem GUI Replace the pulse icon by an error icon in case of loading chart problem #12524
Problem GUI In Projects menu, "Status" filter doesn't refresh as expected #12530
Problem GUI In Projects menu, "Status" filter list includes garbage value #12549
Problem DB Bad ordering of levels on tooltips in indicators tab #12548
Evolution GUI Add the possibility to show coverage information in source code view. #12572
Problem Server 404 Error page fails to display when a URL contains unexpected parameters #9967
Problem Server "Processing" project filter should include projects being deleted #10916
Problem Server Rules contain two data providers when a violation is reported by two different DPs in successive builds #11157
Problem GUI Improve Copyright and iddn information shown in About box #11874
Evolution Documentation Documentation updates for 18.1.2 #11896
Problem Server exportZip option for command line does not support the 18.x debug package format #11993
Problem Server "null" justification for relaxed findings in meta-projects #12020
Problem Server Action Items attached to relaxed artefacts cannot be displayed in the UI #12306
Problem GUI Links tables formatting is sometimes wrong #12345
Problem GUI Avoid to re-compute filter if you change version #12425
Problem GUI Projects page refresh issues (Missing socket messages between loading page and opened socket) #12487
Problem DB Error with the "Filter on evolution" parameter #12508
Problem Configuration Requirement data import: error on label name #12500
Problem GUI UI Refresh - Use Pure-css everywhere to keep consistency #11212
Problem Server At model level, 'Evolution  New' checkbox not working correctly #11425
Problem DB Impossible to filter on "No value" (fixed remaining issue unaddressed in 18.1.0) #11806
Problem Addons Error with SVN repository using external references #12464
Problem GUI Chart Artefact scrumboard: "Max postit width" should not have the default value "0" in the Dashboard Editor #12476
Problem Configuration Chart title is "Langage Distribution" instead of "Language Distribution" #12372
Problem GUI Comment icons on Findings tab do not show "has comments" or "has unread comments" status #12482
Problem Documentation FROMPATH documentation is unclear about folder or files #12403


Published on 19th October 2018

  • Includes database upgrade: no 
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no [diff]

    Type Category Description Id
    Problem GUI Project Statistics Management: projectEditor.initStatistics returns null 12485
    Problem DB Review version range in cache filter at model level 12327
    Problem GUI Impossible to use binning options on ArtefactScrumBoard 12462
    Problem Server Error creating a 'TopArtefacts' highlight definition for links 12467
    Problem Configuration [Exports] Refresh problem when switching from one artefact type to another 12469
    Problem GUI Highlight results lost when changing artefact 12481
    Problem GUI Every charts displays "no data to display" after few manipulations in the filter section 12397
    Problem GUI Refresh problem on score card with applied filter 12449
    Problem GUI Support filtrable queries using condition on indicators 12448
    Problem GUI Artefact Scrumboard should be possible at model level 12461
    Problem Server Indicator Tree and Score Card display trends in first version of a project 12459
    Problem GUI Score card is not filtered on V1 12465
    Problem Server Highlight definition details lost when changing artefact 12466


Published on 12th October 2018

  • Includes database upgrade: yes (from any version, minimal from 18.0)
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: yes (from any version, minimal)
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: yes (from any version)

  • Also includes all changes and bug fixes from Squore 18.0.11

Type Category Descritpion Id
Problem GUI Limit size of Data Providers logo #12328
Problem GUI Highlights results should be added to the review set in the same order they were found #3928
Evolution GUI refresh after drag and drop makes it difficult to work on the My Favourites page #5690
Evolution GUI Add link to graphic to view artefacts from a distributed chart #10081
Problem GUI Prevent the arrow icon in tutorials to hide text #10818
Evolution GUI Support filter on the temporal charts _ chart comparison #11031
Evolution Configuration Pies in software analtics shall be defined in SimplePIe in order to be fiterable #11313
Evolution GUI Support colorFromIndicator in charts at model level #11653
Evolution Engines Improve conditions - support of information _ indicator everywhere #11626
Problem DB Impossible to filter on "No value" #11806
Evolution Configuration Add support for requirements artefacts in Software Analytics #11939
Evolution GUI Support of several columns on Pivot Table #11940
Problem Addons Finding assigned as new instead of moved in v2 #11832
Problem GUI Grey out the non-filtered graphic #11954
Problem GUI Support measures and informations on ArtefactTable chart #11959
Evolution GUI Support data binning in distribution charts #11995
Evolution Configuration Missing ada tools in software analytics #12295
Evolution Configuration Include a GNAThub Data Provider by default #12296
Problem Configuration SUB_APPLICATION type should be managed in the same way than APPLICATION #12215
Evolution GUI Artefacts links in highlights #12253
Problem GUI Charts using Links should offer IN_OUT option #12252
Problem Configuration MS Test import doesn't create test artifact #12332
Evolution GUI Filter more charts by processing engine queries in SQL requests #12280
Evolution GUI Use the reference version to compare values on tables #5606
Evolution GUI Inconsistent UI on My Favourites page #5693
Problem Server Strange "skipping overlapping scheduled execution" warnings in server.log #7211
Evolution Configuration Software Analytics: Update for 18.0 #11085
Evolution Server Support highlights at model_group level #11315
Evolution DB Support dynamic aggregation of measures instead of just a unique weighted measure for aggregated charts #11571
Evolution GUI Dashboard Editor should display lines in tables #11423
Evolution Configuration Add a data provider for flexnet Code Insight #11903
Evolution GUI Add donut and drill-down pie to graphically represent pivot data #11894
Evolution Configuration Add data provider for MSTest Coverage #11905
Problem GUI Artefact Scrumboard should accept distribution on text measure #11958
Evolution Engines Preliminary version of SQUORE data export enhancements #12064
Evolution GUI Add the description of form attributes if available #12051
Evolution Configuration Support VectorCAST_QA output format #12389
Evolution Configuration Add the CERT rules in software Analytics #12385
Evolution Documentation Tutorial documentation: CENTER property and screenshots #12312
Problem GUI Remove pure-css duplications #12396
Evolution Configuration Validate models files using XSD #12245
Evolution GUI Number of visible versions should be globally filtered #12246
Problem GUI Exports: No error message if highlights missing #12331
Problem GUI DashboardEditor tables content should be displayed depending on their Dashboard state #12366
Evolution GUI Providing a tabular view of a chart should be done in a Data tab in the Chart Viewer #3264
Evolution System Support SSO Login for Squore #11536

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