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Squore 17.0 was released on May 18th 2017.10494

This release brings a major UI refresh, an upgrade to our underlying web server as well as many exciting new features

Upgrades from all earlier 14-B, 15-A and 16.x versions are supported.

As usual, consult the index of each user manual to see what's new in Squore 17.0.

New Features

  • Review and Collaboration
    1. The default analysis model (Software Analytics) allows you to rate components and adjust your expectations of criticality, complexity and test coverage
    2. Milestones are directly supported by the default analysis model
    3. Improved the Measures tab to display the source Data Provider and status of each metric
  • User Interface
    1. The Squore web UI was refreshed to display perfectly on screens at many resolutions
    2. Charts in the Dashboard are now dynamic and can be zoomed in
    3. The Findings tab includes automatic distribution charts based on your rule categories
  • Analysis
    1. Data Provider developers can now import data into Squore using a unified XML input format
    2. Aggregate metrics from linked artefacts with the new LINKS_AGGREGATE() function
    3. Scale definition now accepts PERCENT type
  • Administration
    1. Squore can now be run using Java 8
    2. Find your Squore version from the command line
    3. Administrators can update their licence file directly from the web interface without a server restart

  • Model Development
    1. Ruleset Templates can be imported from XML files
    2. Improved flexibility of renderer types for charts: BAR, LINE, STEP, SPLINE, AREA, AREA_STEP, AREA_SPLINE can all be used as stacked and as percentage
    3. Charts displaying textual information now support hiding or excluding predefined strings

Removed Features

  • The ability to customise tooltips for charts was removed
  • Installing Squore on a 32-bit operating system is no-longer supported on Linux
  • Using Squore as a Windows service is no longer supported on a 32-bit OS
  • Support for IE 8 is dropped. IE 11 is the new minimum version for Internet Explorer
  • The export/import tools introduced in Squore 2015-A are no longer supported in Squore 17.0
  • Some dashboard options introduced in earlier versions to make the dashboard more responsive to the browser window size have been removed:
    • The factor and zoom attributes on dashboards are no longer needed or supported since chart sizes are now dynamic

    • The width and height attributes in charts do not have an impact on the actual width of a chart in the dashboard. They are, however still taken into account when inserting charts in a report.

Deprecated Features

Licencing Changes

Licences for Squore 17.0 are based on a mechanism that allows creating as many projects as you have active users (you get as many user tokens as project tokens)

This means for example that:

  • if you have 1 user and 100 projects, a licence for 100 tokens is needed
  • If you have 10 users and 1 project, a licence for 10 tokens is needed
  • if you have 10 users and 100 projects, a licence for 100 tokens is needed

Deleting a project or a user releases a token, but deleted user accounts cannot be reused. As in previous Squore versions, a user can work on several projects and a project can have a team containing several users.

As a result, licence files issues for previous versions of Squore are no longer valid with Squore 17.0. Contact prior to upgrading to obtain a new licence file.

If your ratio of projects to active users does not fit this limit, you can continue using your previous version of Squore or contact to discuss the terms of an updated licence file.

Configuration Changes

For a detailed changelog of the Shared folder, consult the full Configuration Folder Changelog, or consult the following diffs:

Note: If you displayed charts in Confluence via a macro with earlier versions of Squore, your macro needs to be updated for Squore 17.0, see the new macro in the Installation and Administration Manual

Environment Changes

As we upgraded our underlying application server from JBoss AS 7.1 to WildFly 10.1.0, there are minor differences to things you may be accustomed to from earlier versions:

  • boot.log no longer exists, its information is written at startup in server.log instead
  • The management port has changed from 9999 to 9990, which may impact you if you used jboss-cli to interact with the application server from the command line
  • There is only one service instead of 2 on Windows
  • Squore Server includes a distribution of phantomJS used internally to generate static versions of the dynamic charts in the dashboard, running on port 3003 by default

Installation Prerequisites

Before installing Squore, consult the installation prerequisites. This short manual covers all the supported operating systems and browsers, as well as the necessary third-party packages.

Note that Squore requires version 1.8 of the JDK.

Java 1.6 is no longer supported

Java 1.7 is no longer supported

Java 9 is not yet supported

Upgrading to Squore 17

Upgrade Warnings

As usual, you should back up your data before you consider upgrading.

  1. Upgrades from Squore 2015-A are only supported since Squore 17.0.2
  2. Before upgrading to Squore 17, you must make sure that Java 1.8 is installed on your system.
  3. Note that the upgrade from pre-17.0 versions may take several hours to complete for large databases (databases over 20GB for example).
  4. Before upgrading from a previous version, ensure that you have as much free space on your disk as the size of your current database, as reported on Administration > Projects.

Migrating your configuration for Squore 17.x

From a pre 16.x version

If you are migrating from a pre-16.0 release, you may be interested in consulting the migration instructions.

From a 16.x version

Note that there are significant changes to the base metrics used in the Software Analytics model, and that no continuity is guaranteed between ratings obtained with this model in 16.2 and 17.0 analyses.

Known Issues

  • Installing on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update fails for versions prior to 17.0.7, see this article for details
  • If you edited users with Squore 17.0.8, they may have been added to the admin group. Edit these users again in 17.0.9 to remove them from the admin group.
  • We are changing the way the Rule Compliance indicator is calculated in 17.0.9, read more about this change before you upgrade
  • FIxed in 17.0.9 Squore 17.0.8 introduced a change that makes it impossible to manually baseline a draft from the Projects page. This will be fixed in our next patch release (out by mid-December). In the meantime, you will have to run a full analysis to generate a baseline.
  • The Windows installation of Squore Server contains jars labelled as -SNAPSHOT next to the release jars (in the lib folder). Their presence has no functional impact, but we will try to remove them in a future patch release to reduce the size of the Windows installer.
  • There is no Squore CLI package available for the Squore 17.0 release. In future versions, a new client package that is downloadable from the server will be introduced. In the meantime, If you need a Squore CLI installation, install and upgrade an older release, as explained on this page. This will be addressed in a 17.x release later in the year. The documentation may not yet reflect this.
  • There are no patch packages (documentation) available at this time, the full installer needs to be run in order to upgrade from one patch release to the next. We have no timeline for the return of patch packages at this time, but hope to bring it back in a 17.x release.
  • Chart generation is done in the browser instead of on the server. Some browsers display a warning message if a script runs in your browser for more than 10 seconds. You may see these warnings when viewing dashboards with large treemaps in Squore. When this is the case, you can safely click Never Display Again and Continue to allow the chart to display.
  • If your licence file was issued before Squore 17.0, you will need a new licence file to run Squore
  • Some pages have moved, so if you bookmarked Squore pages in your browser, you may need to edit them so they work again. If you get lost, the login page is always accessible via http://localhost:8180/SQuORE_Server/login.xhtml
  • Fixed in 17.0.8 Creating manual artefacts and findings is currently not supported
  • Fixed in 17.0.5 There is no Eclipse Plugin shipped with the initial 17.0 release. The first patch release containing the Eclipse plugin is Squore 17.0.5. The minimum required version of Eclipse is Eclipse Luna SR2 (documentation will be updated for 17.0.8)
  • Fixed in 17.0.3 The documentation still refers to the old names for the installation packages. This will be fixed in a future 17.0.x release. The correct names are:
    • squore-17.0.1-linux-x86_64.tar.bz2 (instead of squore-server-linux-17.0.1.tar.bz2)
    • squore-17.0.1-windows-x86_64.exe (insteaf of squore-server-windows-17.0.1.exe)
    • hostid.jar (instead of squore-hostid.jar)
  • Fixed in 17.0.2 The help page on the Favourites page does not display
  • Fixed in 17.0.5 If you are editing a large number of rules at once in the Analysis model Editor, you may get a "The number of parameters exceeded the maximum of 1000" error in the server logs and your modifications will not get saved. You can work around this by changing your standalone.xml as follows:
    • from: <http-listener name="default" socket-binding="http" max-post-size="0" redirect-socket="https" />
    • to: <http-listener name="default" socket-binding="http" max-post-size="0" redirect-socket="https" max-parameters="5000" />
    • Restart your Squore server to apply the changes

Full Changelog


Published on February 13th 2019

  • Includes database upgrade: no
  • Includes WildFly configuration upgrade: no
  • Upgrade Impacts Analysis Model: no [diff]

Type Category Description Id
Problem Server java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException when adding an aggregated data row to a DistributionTable #12271
Problem Server Cannot expand portfolio nodes after adding a comment (NoSuchElementException) #12429
Problem Addons PC-Lint data provider issue: Missing MISRA Findings from PC-Lint results #12423
Problem GUI Administration > Statistics error when no activity on period #12435
Problem GUI In Projects menu, "Status" filter list includes garbage value #12549
Problem Server Inconsistent CSV format for highlights and findings export #9624
Problem Documentation FROMPATH documentation is unclear about folder or files #12403
Problem Server 404 Error page fails to display when a URL contains unexpected parameters #9967
Problem Documentation Screenshot caption difficult to read in HTML documentation in notes, warnings and tips #12406
Problem System Add more packaging options during the build process #11201
Problem GUI Improve Copyright and iddn information shown in About box #11874
Problem Documentation Missing failOn attributes in exec documentation #12847
Problem Server Clicking Export from the All Rules list only exports rules where there are violations #11039
Problem Server Build still appears as "Processing" on Projects page even though it has failed #12152
Problem Server Check engine validity fail when using menu tool #9495
Problem Documentation Add full Oracle version number to installation_administration guide #12484
Problem Server Rules contain two data providers when a violation is reported by two different DPs in successive builds #11157
Problem Configuration Chart title is "Langage Distribution" instead of "Language Distribution" #12372
Problem GUI Improve user statistics to show information about deactivated and deleted accounts #8162


Published on September 11th 2018

  • Requires database upgrade: yes (tiny, for #11796, #8620, #11795, #11741)
  • Impacts Analysis Model: yes (Software Analytics for c#) [diff]

Type Category Description Id
Problem GUI Error message "This element is not displayable" is hard to understand 10627
Problem System Selenium test FormEditorTest.testConcurrentEdition() doesn't work on a single server 11867
Problem Server Conditions on planned versions do not behave as expected 6855
Problem System Linux upgrade may not overwrite files if they have the same modification date 11820
Problem Addons Multiple repository connectors without alias does not work due to path case problems when using alias 11922
Problem Eclipse Plugin Table exclusion does not work in Eclipse 11920
Problem Eclipse Plugin IllegalArgumentException: Impossible to format NAME with a double value 11918
Problem Configuration Disable R_BRKFINAL for C#, as it gives false positives 11972
Problem Server Improve metrics related requests at build time 12034
Problem Server Permalinks at model level cause a NullPointerException 9803
Problem DB Serialize project deletion on Oracle database 11796
Problem Addons Bad cloning rules mapping (seen in log files) 11580
Problem Engines name field for APPLICATION artifact should be not required on input-data.xml 12071
Problem Server Ruleset templates cannot be deleted if they are used in a project 12058
Problem GUI Improve Copyright and iddn information shown in About box 11874
Problem Server Reports are not linking to action items directly 12209
Problem Server Export definition is not updated until after a logout_login 12065
Problem Server Possible stored XSS injections on project summary page 12243
Problem Server sqctl restart needs to be called twice if a start failed 11159
Problem Server Impossible to remove or update a project which has been stop by "Kill Analysis" button 9920
Problem Server Renamed draft versions still shows old name in portfolio 11122
Problem Server No error when uploading a an invalid file on licence deploy page 11105
Problem Server Portfolio click and F5 causes NullPointerException 12093
Problem Server WildFly fails to start after RedHat system update 11861
Problem Addons Languages option is not coherent in batch and UI 11737
Problem Configuration DP_STATUS scale uses old icons 12130
Problem Server Statistics are wrong concerning number of visit of some pages. 11741
Problem GUI Huge icon on Findings tab for ticket artefacts 12118
Problem GUI Click on ticket with no URL on Findings page leads to null URL 12117
Problem Engines Output is not generated if root artefact is missing 11870
Problem Server Lowercase DP not overriding uppercase DP 10750
Problem GUI Checkbox on Analysis Model Editor does not use the filter columns 12151
Problem Server File is too big error when importing a template XML file 12026
Evolution System Fix some issues with the commit-check job 12056
Problem Server Report crashes when exporting charts that have been commented 12067
Problem DB Improve request used by "My Projects" page" 12050
Problem Server Columns in Analysis Model Editor page change order 12044
Problem Clients GENERATE_CONF_PARAMETERS command causes NullPointerException 12049
Problem System Attributes reset to default value when measure is base and derived 12036
Problem Documentation Add the contents of the licences folder to the documentation 12109
Problem Documentation sqexport _ sqimport documentation is outdated 12061
Problem Documentation Document failure of git 1.7 on centOS 6.9 [documentation] 11123
Problem GUI Hide dynamic parameters from "CLI parameters" panel 12144
Problem GUI Cannot click context menu items on Explorer using some IE 11 versions 12141
Problem Server Notify instead of launching Analyses using very large zip files that fail to start 12016
Problem Server Warnings when parsing some cobol files 11519
Task Configuration Provide unified modules to manage Engineering artefacts 9640
Problem Server Crash when trying to add demo user to 'admin' group 9607
Problem Server java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Reference version already found when building 11245
Problem Configuration [Systems Engineering] - Homogenize Action items 9985
Problem Server Sources data not removed when I delete a project 11246
Problem GUI Inconsistent behavior of the relaxation popup 8382
Problem GUI Focus on page Project creation > Source code repository 3782
Problem Server root path and node paths retrieved from two different versions after a build in ERROR 8620
Problem Configuration Make icons clickable in the Tutorial selection popup 10817
Problem Server Source code view cause an error 8618
Problem Tools Error while attempting to browse cloned code 10626
Problem Configuration no relaxation information in the reports of Meta Projects 11510
Problem Server Error creating demo projects with an Oracle database 11811
Evolution GUI Add Squore privacy information screens to conform to GDPR 11659
Problem GUI Add Privacy information to licence request form for GDPR compliance 11841
Problem GUI Concurrent edition of a field is not well notify for one user 11842
Problem GUI Concurrent edition of a field is not visible when user arrive on the page 11843
Problem Documentation Document footer is missing iddn property 12187
Problem Documentation Be clearer about disk space required for installation 11836
Problem Addons Execution errors of Makeartefacts.tcl are not reported when they are not sent by msg::log proc 11871
Problem Server Wrong version used to fetch RC data 11862
Problem DB Hide projects being deleted and versions being built 11795
Problem GUI No ColorPicker in MultiManageProjects.xhtml 11868
Problem Documentation Documentation updates for 17.0.14 11923
Problem DB Tools filter should propose tools selected at build time 12035


Published on May 22nd 2018

  • Requires database upgrade: no
  • Impacts Analysis Model: no [diff]
  • [fix] Addons: Error parsing ada files containing a SELECT with no OR in COBOL (#11426)
  • [fix] Addons: Error when building multiple perforce jobs at the same time (#11712)
  • [fix] Addons: Findbugs findings attached to wrong artefacts (#7662)
  • [fix] Addons: Fortran 90 files not fully parsed (#11555)
  • [fix] Addons: Improve PMD parsing to avoid attaching results to a random artefact (#6850)
  • [fix] Addons: Modify pylint_auto to allow using an absolute path to pylint and avoid messages on stderr on older pylint versions (#11264)
  • [fix] Addons: pep8 has been renamed to pycodestyle, data provider should handle both (#11711)
  • [fix] Clients: Client should be safer about communicating with several servers (#5147)
  • [fix] Clients: output.xml does not contain projectId (#11553)
  • [fix] Configuration: Automotive CSV exports generate empty files (#11768)
  • [fix] Documentation: Clarify documentation about report and explain the relation between Bundle, template and intermediate report file (#11316) [documentation]
  • [fix] Documentation: DeleteGroup help page has the wrong name (#11546)
  • [fix] Documentation: Document LoadDashbaord and RestoreContext URLs (#11556) [documentation]
  • [fix] Documentation: documentation for hideCharacteristicsFilter is impossible to find in configuration guide (#11465) [documentation]
  • [fix] Documentation: --exportZip is not documented in CLI manual (#11439) [documentation]
  • [fix] Documentation: Fix inconsistencies in CLI parameters descriptions (#11738)
  • [fix] Documentation: Missing doc details for linux service configuration (#9675) [documentation]
  • [fix] Documentation: Missing text in Repository COnnector and Data Providers reference in documentation (#11486) [Repository Connectors , Data Providers]
  • [fix] Documentation: Publish xsds that are only accessible in jar files (#11432) [documentation]
  • [fix] Documentation: Updated documentation about https configuration (#11383) [documentation]
  • [fix] Documentation: Wrong documentation for HTTP to HTTPS redirection (#11364) [documentation]
  • [fix] Engines: Generic DP Error pattern should support [ERROR] and [ERR] by default (#11577)
  • [fix] Engines: Make bounds attribute optional on decision tests (defaults to [1;[ if omitted) (#11287) [documentation]
  • [fix] Engines: Missing Perl portable environment during generic DP execution (#11361)
  • [fix] Engines: Php parsing error (#11794)
  • [fix] GUI: Account Settings page is not working (#11306)
  • [fix] GUI: Bad z-index and border color on the kiviat tooltips (#10452)
  • [fix] GUI: Build menu is not operational in IE11 and Chrome (#11680)
  • [fix] GUI: Dashbord Editor doesn't refresh properly (#11308)
  • [fix] GUI: Disable run button after is has been clicked once (#8707)
  • [fix] GUI: Header grows after some clicks in Edge (#11681)
  • [fix] GUI: Missing artefacts on ArtefactScrumboard chart (#11670)
  • [fix] GUI: Missing indicator on the indicators tab if value is on the last bounds (#11667)
  • [fix] GUI: Remove baseline icon while a baseline is in progress (#11236)
  • [fix] GUI: Source code view doesn't work when using the "source code node" option and file as direct child (#11350)
  • [fix] GUI: Statistics page shows the wrong data for "Web Users during this period" (#11231)
  • [fix] GUI: The "Reset Zoom" button hides the contextual menu on charts (#10929)
  • [fix] GUI: The modification flag (star) is not set when deleting a manual artefact (#5710)
  • [fix] GUI: Use non breakable space before % value in score card tables (#11514)
  • [fix] Server: Access to servlets/state/sessions URL throws exception (#11599)
  • [fix] Server: Cannot display help on Licence pages (#11545)
  • [fix] Server: Checking html descriptions is very slow (#11266)
  • [fix] Server: clearing field in Edge does not refresh the Projects page (Edge-specific) (#9706)
  • [fix] Server: DP log parsing causes analysis to fail (#11448)
  • [fix] Server: Exception when in wizard when users aren't allowed to use or modify a template (#11215)
  • [fix] Server: Indicator popup shows path to image as value (#11272)
  • [fix] Server: Invalid translation for "Add Unit Test to the module" action item in Software Analytics (#9850)
  • [fix] Server: --keepDataFiles=true is shortened as "-null true" on the wizard summary page (#11603)
  • [fix] Server: LoadDashboard fails when pointing to a draft version (#11552)
  • [fix] Server: Naming a version while baselining does not work (#9980)
  • [fix] Server: Null pointer exception during Reload Configuration (#9644)
  • [fix] Server: NullPointer Exception when loading a model where a scale is missing for an artefact type (#11731)
  • [fix] Server: Previous / Next state is lost when modifying an AI status from the detailed view (#11100)
  • [fix] Server: projectId is mandatory in a RestoreContext URL (#11554)
  • [fix] Server: Remove icon from tables that mix textual infos and other metrics (#11270)
  • [fix] Server: SMTP server rejects Squore e-mail notification with "552 5.5.3 Too many recipients" (#11625) [documentation]
  • [fix] Server: Tool Menus name should not be allowed to contain spaces (#10722)
  • [fix] Server: Tooltips in model-level Kiviats display model ID instead of model name (#11180)
  • [fix] Server: Transaction required exception in Favourites (#11504)
  • [fix] Server: Trend for my new artefacts in indicator tree (#11166)
  • [fix] System: sqadm reset -P leaves data in the database (#11776)
  • [fix] System: startup scripts should retrieve JDK_DIR instead of using the system java (#9621)
  • [fix] System: Windows installers are now signed, avoiding a warning when launching them (#11063)


Published on February 15th 2018, downloadable on February 16th 2018

  • Requires database upgrade: no
  • Impacts Analysis Model: no [diff]
  • [fix] Addons: UNKNOWN_RULE not found for source_code kind using QAC (#11163)
  • [fix] Configuration: Duplicated import for findings description of squan sources (#11120)
  • [fix] Configuration: FCT_LINE_COUNT_HISTO chart displays a warning in recent versions (#11141)
  • [fix] Configuration: Missing colors for the default priority levels in findings action plan (#11089)
  • [fix] DB: Wrong SQL request for temporal aggregation (#11188)
  • [fix] GUI: Avoid oversize level name on indicator chart (#11145)
  • [fix] GUI: Crash when clicking on "Create Project" just after installation. (#11162)
  • [fix] GUI: Display help icons and descriptions in tooltips for external tools (#7643)
  • [fix] GUI: DistributionTable doesn't work between indicators without same levels (#11078)
  • [fix] GUI: During menu tool execution, stay at the end of the page (#11128)
  • [fix] GUI: FORM.GENERAL.DESCR is not displayed in the web interface for external tools (#11127)
  • [fix] GUI: FORM.URL field is not used in the web interface (#11126)
  • [fix] Server: Cannot localise tags in wizards (#6621)
  • [fix] Server: Decoration tags in External Tools do not use translations from properties files (#8530)
  • [fix] Server: NullPointerException Rendering View /XHTML/MyProjects/Creation/CreateProjectGeneral.xhtml (#11207)
  • [fix] Server: versionDate is ignored in trend charts at Model level (#11194)


Internal release only


Published on January 15th 2018, downloadable on January 16th 2018

  • Requires database upgrade: no
  • Impacts Analysis Model: yes (minimal, cleanup required for #11072 and #11019) [diff]
  • [fix] Addons: Ensure data providers specify which file could not be found instead of failing with "could not open file" (#11019)
  • [fix] Addons: Work around a bug in Spreadsheet::XLSX 0.15 reading date fields incorrectly in Excel files (#11066)
  • [fix] Configuration: No default dashboard for SUB_APPLICATIONs in Software Analytics meta-projects (#11072)
  • [fix] Engines: Use baseName instead of toolName for getToolAddonsDir function generic DPs (#10998)
  • [fix] GUI: Bad formatted value for linked measure value on the indicator tab (#11043)
  • [fix] GUI: Bad scroll on chart popup if the computation is too long (#11038)
  • [fix] GUI: Highlight background colour cleared when switching page on highlights tab (#11023)
  • [fix] GUI: History and bookmark caches are not updated on deletion (#5183)
  • [fix] GUI: On Simple Bar, 10% displayed as 1%, missing zero (#11042)
  • [fix] GUI: Team group modification is not taken into account dynamically (#11049)
  • [fix] GUI: Unable to enter textual information in form (#10977)
  • [fix] Server: Cannot sort action items by priority in dynamic action plan (#11050)
  • [fix] Server: Dashboard template applied incorrectly when trying to fill all the space on the last line (#11029)
  • [fix] Server: Do not print incorrect "VersionRemover: no such directory" message in the logs when deleting versions (#11067)
  • [fix] Server: Error loading team from another project (#11040)
  • [fix] Server: Error page after logging in when accessing the server via ManageProject.xhtml (#11051)
  • [fix] Server: Linkage error with Zip class (#11005)
  • [fix] Server: NullPointerException when displaying the highlights tab and a highlight category uses an INFO that does not exist in the project (#11034)
  • [fix] Server: Client may try to launch an analysis before the previous one is really complete (mostly when using subFoldersAsVersions=true) (#11021)
  • [fix] System: Set java heap size to 1024 when a 32-bit JRE is detected on Windows (#10004)


Published on December 19th 2017, downloadable on December 20th 2017

  • Requires database upgrade: no
  • Impacts Analysis Model: yes (minimal, cleanup) [diff]
  • [feature] Engines: Take into account the rules for the data provider specified in the analysis only (#7990)
  • [fix] Addons: cppcheck XML with braces causes an error (#10970)
  • [fix] Addons: CSV exports do not work in the Automotive model (#10972)
  • [fix] Addons: Improve display of artefacts with duplicate names (Use Artefact [n] instead of Artefact-n) (#10971)
  • [fix] Addons: Improved logging for generic data providers (#9641)
  • [fix] Addons: Problem with empty argument using generic DP on windows (#10993)
  • [fix] Configuration: Color of LOP have not been updated to the new color template (#10960)
  • [fix] Configuration: Comment counting is incorrect for C# code (#10900)
  • [fix] Configuration: Wrong syntax on models using xsd validation (cleaned-up artefact type lists that ended with a ";")(#10956)
  • [fix] Engines: Findings from comment_counting.tcl are not mapped to the proper artefact (#9548)
  • [fix] GUI: Asynchronous issue with form tab (#10913)
  • [fix] GUI: Click on a pie section close the popup and refreshes the dashboard (#10921)
  • [fix] GUI: Enter key on first page of the wizard returns an error about a Milestone ID instead of triggering Next (#10052)
  • [fix] GUI: LazyInitializationException: impossible to see multi location finding using SVN Repository Connector (#10981)
  • [fix] GUI: No pie chart of priorities in Dynamic Action Plan (#11057)
  • [fix] GUI: Username and Password not reset even if I select "No Credential" (#10978)
  • [fix] Server: Clicking the baseline icon gives an error (#10920)
  • [fix] Server: Distribution table may have only aggregated rows or columns (#10903)
  • [fix] Server: Error generating report because of some action items (#10914)
  • [fix] Server: Fixed issues with saving templates introduced in 17.0.8 (#10955)
  • [fix] Server: The com.squoring package is not visible at DEBUG logging level (#10911)
  • [fix] System: Remove NFS-mount installation from documentation and Linux installer (support was dropped in 17.0, will be re-evaluated for a future version) (#10950)
  • [fix] Tools: Publish diffs of configuration folders from release to release (#10954)


Published on November 30th 2017, downloadable on December 1st 2017

  • Requires database upgrade: no
  • Impacts Analysis Model: yes (minimal, cleanup) [diff]
  • [feature] Configuration: Computed links should support a direction attribute (#10592) [dstToSrc documentation]
  • [feature] Configuration: Display the default dashboard if no dashboard exists for a specific role to avoid duplication in Bundle.xml (#10874)
  • [feature] Configuration: Improve model validator output to help users understand which metrics are not used or do not need to be stored (#10872)
  • [fix] Addons: A "ç" on an alias crashes squan sources with a "permission denied" (#8359)
  • [fix] Addons: Add source code access for conf-checker (#10880)
  • [fix] Addons: Comment counting is incorrect for C# code (#10900)
  • [fix] Clients: Cannot use squore-engine.jar with java 9 (#8986)
  • [fix] Clients: Synchronise command does not sync empty folders (#10674)
  • [fix] Configuration: Remove measures by languages in Model Validator output to avoid too many data on software_analytics model (#10862)
  • [fix] Configuration: Remove useless A_STAT, B_STAT... measures in the software_analytics model (#10865)
  • [fix] Configuration: Remove useless CPXT_VOL_A, CPXT_VOL_B... measures in the software_analytics model (#10866)
  • [fix] DB: Report creation crash (#10886)
  • [fix] Documentation: Reference Manual is out of date - Ensure it lists the correct metrics and rules for all languages supported by Squan Sources (#7440) [Reference Manual]
  • [fix] Eclipse Plugin: Eclipse plugin cannot be installed on Indigo / Juno SR2 (actual minimum version is Luna SR2) (#10535) [documentation]
  • [fix] Engines: Crash on engine using AND operator when first computation is impossible to compute (#10884)
  • [fix] Engines: Improve query based on rule occurence counting with condition based on artifact (#6748) [COUNT RULE.OCCURRENCES FROM NODE WHERE CATEGORY=CUSTOMER_SUBSET.LEVELYES AND I.MISRA_RELAX=LEVELYES is now supported. You previously had to use the rank instead (...AND I.MISRA_RELAX=1)]
  • [fix] Engines: Report creation in parallel doesn't work (#10847)
  • [fix] GUI: "All rules" displays too many rules (#10864)
  • [fix] GUI: "View As" selection not updated automatically when a user's role changes in a project (#7910)
  • [fix] GUI: Cannot sort on DP column on the Findings tab (#10392)
  • [fix] GUI: Default displayType is MNEMO instead of NAME (#10857)
  • [fix] GUI: I can't create manual artefacts (#10070)
  • [fix] GUI: Intermittent "No active event context" error when opening a treemap (#8433)
  • [fix] GUI: Missing "milestone" check in Wizard Bundle to prevent canCreateMilestone="false" and canCreateGoal="false" (#8802)
  • [fix] GUI: NullPointerException when filling in forms (#8644)
  • [fix] GUI: Role ignored when generating report, giving the wrong action items (#9719)
  • [fix] GUI: showPolynomialRegression attribute on XYCloud doesn't work correctly (#10887)
  • [fix] GUI: Some thumbnails are not loading and give "SyntaxError: missing } after property list" (#10565)
  • [fix] GUI: Squore modifies URLs in tables and displays squares (#10889)
  • [fix] GUI: Star icon is not well refreshed when a draft is modified (#8925)
  • [fix] GUI: Switch from atmosphere to omnifaces for push to remove websocket-related errors from server.log (#10859)
  • [fix] GUI: Thumbnails can be unclickable if category labels are too long (#10466)
  • [fix] GUI: Time picker only appears the second time you display the calendar (#7671)
  • [fix] GUI: Wrong user groups when editing a user (#10974)
  • [fix] Server: "Committed error code 400" message filling logs (#6343)
  • [fix] Server: "Invalid transaction attribute type REQUIRED on SFSB lifecycle method Method" message at JBoss startup (#10686)
  • [fix] Server: Build date metrics are not formatted correctly by default in the Automotive model (#10855)
  • [fix] Server: ChartExport redirects to login page when two charts are embedded on the same page (#9301)
  • [fix] Server: Crash when adding a manual finding (#10805)
  • [fix] Server: Login page gives an error instead of reloading after a server restart (#9799)
  • [fix] Server: Transaction management issue with WildFly causes "EJB Invocation failed" messages in server.log (#10611)
  • [fix] Server: Websocket errors filling logs when using forms tab (#10797)
  • [fix] Server: When creating a new group, some profiles are pre-selected (#10786)
  • [fix] System: backup.bat should fail fast without DB connection (#9907)
  • [fix] System: Error upgrading a server with an advanced phantomjs configuration (#10509)
  • [fix] System: No parameter to set phantomJS port from the command line on Windows (#10863)
  • [fix] System: Upgrade fails if backup folder does not exist (#10130)


Published on November 15th 2017, downloadable on November 16th 2017

  • Requires database upgrade: no
  • Impacts Analysis Model: yes (minimal) [diff]
  • [feature] Addons: Add codesniffer and php-code-coverage to Squore (#10787) [codesniffer, php-code-coverage]
  • [feature] Eclipse Plugin: Add a preference to specify the directory of saving project data (#10658) [undocumented, for internal use only]
  • [feature] Server: Allow excluding one or more artefact types from a chart (#10594) [excludingTypes]
  • [fix] Addons: Confusing XML Parser warnings when running a DP that transforms an XML file (#10675)
  • [fix] Addons: Csv DP does not use the correct proc from the toolkit when searching for FUNCTION artefacts in a file (#10068)
  • [fix] Addons: javascript analyzer is very slow (#10657)
  • [fix] Addons: Squore project folder still contains an unnecessary SQuORE_data_bundle.xml (#10522)
  • [fix] Clients: Add a rule to detect duplicated paragraphs names in COBOL (#10733)
  • [fix] Clients: COBOL Analysis terminates with a warning (Duplicated artefact) (#10732)
  • [fix] Clients: Parsing COBOL nested program does not work (#10730)
  • [fix] Configuration: "PPT: Project Highlights" report has hard-coded copyright (#10444)
  • [fix] Configuration: COBOL UPPERCASE rule explanation is incorrect (#10766)
  • [fix] Configuration: COBOL UPPERCASE rule explanation is incorrect (#10766)
  • [fix] Configuration: Project Report contains "null" severities and remediation costs (#10828)
  • [fix] Configuration: Remove demo manual findings from software_analytics (#10840)
  • [fix] DB: Cannot delete versions with chart comments or favourites (#8932)
  • [fix] DB: Performance issue with level aggregation requests, restrict targetArtefactTypes to similar measure and scale in descendent charts to avoid it (#10581) [targetArtefactTypes]
  • [fix] Documentation: Add Apache Configuration guidelines to Installation and Administration Manual (#10742) [Proxying Squore Server with Apache]
  • [fix] Documentation: CLI "exit code 4" documentation is incomplete (#10804) [Exit Codes]
  • [fix] Documentation: Explain how to turn on parsing of paragraphs and sections in COBOL (#9945) [Advanced COBOL Parsing]
  • [fix] Documentation: Improve documentation about timeout mechanism (#10807) [documentation]
  • [fix] Documentation: Installation manual does not mention that Java 9 is not supported (#10641) [prerequisites]
  • [fix] Engines: New COBOL Rule: Code format: SCOPE TERMINATOR on same column (#10772)
  • [fix] Engines: Squore hangs on a sql file (added support for # char comment) (#10727)
  • [fix] GUI: Favourite items drag & drop not working anymore (#10831)
  • [fix] GUI: IE11 refresh problem on artefact scrumboard chart (#10634)
  • [fix] GUI: Manual Findings: Description is truncated in "Add Finding" popup (but adding manual findings is not supported in this version yet) (#8288)
  • [fix] GUI: Mark comment field as required in finding relaxation popup (#10759)
  • [fix] GUI: Source code viewer: filename is truncated (#7845)
  • [fix] GUI: Status filter on Projects page is using the wrong locale (#10560)
  • [fix] Server: "Project highlights" report no longer shows the number of non-compliant modules for self-descriptiveness (#10744)
  • [fix] Server: Allow specifying exclusions when running Checkstyle_auto (#10711) [CheckStyle (plugin)]
  • [fix] Server: Exception when accessing Favorites (#10765)
  • [fix] Server: Handle configuration changes to avoid unwanted modifications in existing ruleset templates (existing templates should have all the new rules as off by default, the default template should have all the new rules as on by default, project-specific templates will have new rules set to ON as a result) (#10668)
  • [fix] Server: Improve csv_findings to avoid ending up with merged findings (#10823)
  • [fix] Server: JUnit data provider needs to ignore report name suffix (#10713) [JUnit]
  • [fix] Server: Maintenance does not work with Oracle database (#9251)
  • [fix] Server: NullPointerException when clicking an external tool pinned to the home page (#10784)
  • [fix] Server: ORA-02292 (Integrity Constraint) when deleting a project (#10803)
  • [fix] Server: Improve server startup after postgres did not shut down correctly (#10734)
  • [fix] Server: Visible password in error log after git authentication fails (#10424)
  • [fix] System: Add at least one retry when unlink or rename failed to avoid errors at the end of the analysis on Windows (#10661)
  • [fix] System: Invalid "the location does not contain java.exe" error in Windows installer (#10662)
  • [fix] System: Latest windows upgrade (1709 Falls Creators Update) causes installation failures (#10776)
  • [fix] System: Some paths are incorrect for Java demo projects (#10635)
  • [fix] Tools: File context.tcl is too big (#10836)


Published on September 19th 2017

  • [fix] Addons: Cannot view git source code when using credentials (#10572)
  • [fix] Configuration: Relax SDESCR doesn't work (#10536)
  • [fix] DB: Upgrade issue with meta-projects using sub-projects with several nodes (#10559)
  • [fix] Eclipse Plugin: Eclipse plugin doesn't support spaces in eclipse directory (#10117)
  • [fix] Eclipse Plugin: Problem with empty tag values on Eclipse plugin (#10512)
  • [fix] Eclipse Plugin: Use maven to build eclipse plugins (#5005)
  • [fix] Engines: Improve artefact search to return a matching function when no method signature was provided by a DP (#10528)
  • [fix] GUI: Bad z-index and border color on the kiviat tooltips (#10452)
  • [fix] GUI: Clicking Execute un an external tool does nothing in Internet Explorer (#10582)
  • [fix] GUI: Highlight background cells color are not refreshed after applying sort (#10519)
  • [fix] GUI: Navigation crash when opening certain nodes (#10386)
  • [fix] GUI: Some thumbnails are not loading and give "SyntaxError: missing } after property list" (#10565)
  • [fix] GUI: The last milestone label on a chart is always unreadable (#10546)
  • [fix] GUI: Thumbnails can be unclickable if category labels are too long (#10466)
  • [fix] GUI: Unwanted decimals in Dial Graph (#10422)
  • [fix] Server: /SQuORE_Server/servlets/state/projects returns a NotLoggedInException (#10577)
  • [fix] Server: Broken import of duplicated levels in DB (#10537)
  • [fix] Server: Error importing template: {page.getLevelName(rule.levelForScale(scale))}": java.lang.NullPointerException (#10531)
  • [fix] Server: Error when trying to highlight tabs during tutorial (#10371)
  • [fix] Server: external executation of jar (as DP) is not working on Linux (#10538)
  • [fix] Server: I cannot create a template for a model if there are no projects using this model yet (#10124)
  • [fix] Server: Quadrants should force smaller bubbles to display on top of larger bubbles (#9015)
  • [fix] System: Cannot upgrade a Squore installation when DB password contains an ampersand (#10515)
  • [fix] System: The CVS repository Connector is no longer shipped by default (#10555)


Published on August 31st 2017

  • [feature] Addons: Add support for SVN externals to SVN Repository Connector (#6985) [documentation]
  • [feature] Eclipse Plugin: First release of the Eclipse Plugin for Squore 17.0 (#5005) [documentation]
  • [fix] Addons: git RC issues when URL contains a port number (#10426)
  • [fix] Addons: Improve FxCop findings descriptions (#10437)
  • [fix] Clients: ReadingConfException in model validator that is difficult to understand (#10476)
  • [fix] Configuration: FxCop ruleset is not included in Software Analytics (#10389)
  • [fix] Configuration: Self Descriptiveness metrics description makes it look like the indicator is incorrect (#10490)
  • [fix] Configuration: Software Analytics should include the legacy report at package level (#10399)
  • [fix] Configuration: StyleCop ruleset is not included in Software Analytics (#10494)
  • [fix] DB: Bug in SQL request used to aggregate levels causing incorrect metrics to be displayed in Temporal Evolution Stacked Bar charts (#10480)
  • [fix] Documentation: Add acceptMissingValue to the Analysis Model XSD (#10379)
  • [fix] Eclipse Plugin: Crash in Squore preference window after plugin installation (#10429)
  • [fix] Eclipse Plugin: Crash when building a project with the Software Analytics model (#10487)
  • [fix] Eclipse Plugin: Eclipse plugin does not support .svg images (#10484)
  • [fix] Engines: Improve support of Section and Paragraph levels in COBOL (#10485)
  • [fix] GUI: Crash on Reports tab at model level (#10359)
  • [fix] GUI: Estimate greater than 100 percent (#10027)
  • [fix] GUI: Multi location findings status is not displayed. (#9984)
  • [fix] GUI: Refresh issue when sorting by active rule and clicking ON/OFF in Analysis Model Editor (#10416)
  • [fix] GUI: Security issue, user menu log not escaped (#10116)
  • [fix] Server: Error importing template into Squore (The number of parameters exceeded the maximum of 1000) (#10114)
  • [fix] Server: Error page should display information about the Squore version (#10464)
  • [fix] Server: No output of external tool execution in the web interface (#10443)
  • [fix] Server: NullPointerException when clicking on the Findings tab for a project whose model is not in the configuration (#10358)
  • [fix] Server: NullPointerException when displaying a chart with no data to display (#10474)
  • [fix] Server: Review Set scrolls back to the top after clicking an artefact (#8565)
  • [fix] Server: The server won't start if you use an editor.xml file with rules that have an undefined scale level (#10419)
  • [fix] Server: Use displayOnlyIf conditions in reports to display charts conditionally (#10440)
  • [fix] System: Cannot upgrade from 15-A-SP5 to 16.1 or above (#10131)
  • [fix] System: Error installing Squore Server on a German Windows PC (#9991)
  • [fix] System: Improve 404 page to add a link to the home page (#10054)
  • [fix] System: java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find bundle for base name core, locale <locale> when running cloning (#10458)
  • [fix] System: Windows installer does not start phantomjs at the end of the installation (#10467)


There is no 17.0.4


Published on July 13th 2017

  • [fix] Documentation: Remove suggestion that the Windows service can be installed manually after running the installer, mention that only one Squore service should exist on a single machine (#9945)
  • [fix] GUI: Unable to export chart with size under 400 x 300 (#10351)
  • [fix] Server: Administration > System shows duplicated user sessions (#10136)
  • [fix] Server: Number of sessions is wrong on the home page (correct on the Statistics page) (#10136)
  • [fix] Server: ORA-00906 Error displaying Some charts in statistics, the Comments tab and textual information on charts and in reports when using an Oracle database (#10352)
  • [fix] System: Upgrade from 17.0.x fails (#10354)


Published on July 12th 2017

  • [fix] Engines: Problem with dependencies resolution on using computed links (#10133)
  • [fix] GUI: Improve Dashboard Editor information/warning messages (#10105)
  • [fix] GUI: Replace gridster with gridstack in the Dashbaord Editor (gridster is too buggy) (#10104)
  • [fix] GUI: Wrong position of a chart on the new dashboard editor (#10122)
  • [fix] Server: CSV Export file contains blank values for Artefact path and Artefact name (#10096)
  • [fix] Server: Deploying a licence while already logged in redirects to the login form (#9862)
  • [fix] Server: Initial LDAP login fails when auto-adding to group (#9962)
  • [fix] Server: Not all profiles are available when adding a group (#10047)
  • [fix] System: Cannot upgrade from 15-A-SP5 to 16.1 or above (#10131)
  • [fix] System: Disable service installation on 32-bit Windows machines (#9656)
  • [fix] System: Leave Squore running at the end of installation (#9913)
  • [fix] System: Set java heap size to 1024 when a 32-bit JRE is detected on Windows (#10004)
  • [fix] System: squore-control.jar should wait for DB and server to start completely to continue (#9749)
  • All bug fixes from Squore 16.3.3


Published on June 30th 2017

  • [feature] Server: Add a "disableOtherRules" for template imports. When set to "true" in a ruleset template, all other rules are disabled when the ruleset is imported (#9890)
  • [feature] Server: Add date display option on vertical axis: <rangeAxis id="AS_DATE" label="Date" type="DATE" dateFormat="DD/MM/YYYY"/> (#7350)
  • [fix] Addons: ABAP grammar: comments begin with * improperly counted (#10065)
  • [fix] Addons: Checkstyle (plugin) compliance with google java style (#9900)
  • [fix] Addons: Cloning metrics are different when running with Java 8 (#9526)
  • [fix] Addons: Issue paring some minified javascript files (#10048)
  • [fix] Addons: Problem of comment line count in javascript (#10064)
  • [fix] Addons: Show ERROR instead of INFO when Algorithm::Diff is missing (#10040)
  • [fix] Addons: The java analyzer hangs on a small file. (#9929)
  • [fix] Configuration: Bad use of SCALE_MISRA on Logiscope ruleset (#10077)
  • [fix] Configuration: missing % sign in HIS table in automotive model (#10005)
  • [fix] Configuration: Restore old Klocwork rules removed in 17.0.0 (#10078)
  • [fix] Engines: Php analyzer doesn't detect "//" comment declaration (#10055)
  • [fix] GUI: Click on the Breadcrumbs bar during project creation leads to a crash. (#9978)
  • [fix] GUI: Crash on the Tools menu when coming from a home page pinned menu. (#10012)
  • [fix] GUI: Include Control Graph legend in the control graph chart (#7030)
  • [fix] GUI: inconsistent behaviour of AI selection (#9998)
  • [fix] GUI: Information-based chart fails when information is empty (#9939)
  • [fix] GUI: Issue with share option in comparative mode (#9951)
  • [fix] GUI: Misplaced javascript code in Artefact-chart.xml causes "unexpected token" error in Microsoft Edge (#10023)
  • [fix] GUI: Percentage value not displayed if zero in optimized pie chart where decimals="0" (#10008)
  • [fix] GUI: Redirection issue when clicking on chart credits under firefox and ie (#10028)
  • [fix] GUI: Support both .xhtml and .seam as page extension to access the web interface (#9891)
  • [fix] GUI: Templates in the ruleset editor does not work anymore (#9977)
  • [fix] Licence: Unclear error if measure of token.projects.measure is not set (#9959)
  • [fix] Server: "Unable to export this chart" on Edge when clicking on Save as png (or other formats) (#9709)
  • [fix] Server: Crash when retrieving favourites that have no title or description in Squore Mobile for installations with an Oracle DB(#9974)
  • [fix] Server: Error at the end of reloading configuration (#9952)
  • [fix] Server: Fixed session initialisation issues happening on user login (#9965)
  • [fix] Server: Incomplete parsing for some ada files (#8789)
  • [fix] Server: Incomplete parsing for some fortran files (#8788)
  • [fix] Server: license/servlets/state does not display anything (#9946)
  • [fix] Server: Model-specific tutorials are only displayed if at least a project exists (#8244)
  • [fix] Server: Performance issue with findings relaxation (#9797)
  • [fix] Server: Review set scrolls back to the top after clicking an artefact (#8565)
  • [fix] Server: The teamforge integration does not work anymore. (#9986)
  • [fix] Server: timeout on some pages (project wizard, Manage page, ...) (#9736)
  • [fix] Server: Unable to export control graph chart (via phantomJs) (#10014)


Published on May 18th 2017

  • [feature] Addons: Import data into Squore using custom data providers that use a unified input xml format (#9215) [documentation]
  • [feature] Configuration: Add a landscape report in Software Anaytics model for instant powerpoint presentations (#9511)
  • [feature] Configuration: Add the HCOM to the base measure of Squore (#9484)
  • [feature] Configuration: New chart Indicator Chart displays the rating of the current artefact for a specific indicator, provides a more dynamic score card KPI (#9602) [documentation]
  • [feature] Configuration: Remove useless value in standard scales "Remediation" and "Severity" (#9420)
  • [feature] Engines: Add the possibility to create links from model (#9154) [documentation]
  • [feature] GUI: Add a way to import a template from an xml file (#9415) [documentation]
  • [feature] GUI: Add categories distribution on findings page as pie charts (#9350) [screenshots]
  • [feature] GUI: Artefact Table chart should provide links to artefacts (#9314)
  • [feature] GUI: Confirm that input will be lost when closing / doing something to the chart viewer (#7915)
  • [feature] GUI: Display levels names in Indicator toolip (#8664) [screenshots]
  • [feature] GUI: Expand the first level of all tree on the Explorer when logging in (#9731)
  • [feature] GUI: Full UI refresh using Highcharts 5.0 in the Dashboard, including zooming functionality and dynamic charts (#4719)
  • [feature] GUI: Harmonize renderer types of TE charts to use a simpler [STACKED_]BASE_TYPE[_100] syntax, add new renderer types when possible (spline, area spline) (#9732)
  • [feature] GUI: Manage a max height pixel size for charts (#9371)
  • [feature] GUI: New chart: Artefact Scrumboard (#5706)
  • [feature] GUI: Support several stacked bar on the same interval with the STACKED_AREA_100 renderer (#9346) [documentation]
  • [feature] Licence: Provide failover when the connection to the license server is lost (#5268) [documentation]
  • [feature] Server: Add the possibility to highlight the background color of a cell based on a scale (#8065) [useBackgroundColor, alpha in Highlights Reference]
  • [feature] Server: Allow ignoring certain strings in charts based on textual information (#9941) [documentation, see excludeInfos and hideInfos]
  • [feature] Server: Allow users to include disabled measures in charts (#8993) [visible="true|false"]
  • [feature] Server: New chart: Artefact Time Series places artefacts on a timescale (#9276) [documentation]
  • [feature] Server: Support running Squore Server on jdk 1.8 (dropping support for Java 1.6 and 1.7) (#6375) [prerequisites]
  • [feature] System: Offline tool to get Squore version (#8505) [sqadm version]
  • [feaure] Server: ArtefactSeries should support STACKED_BAR_100 as renderer (#9012) [documentation]
  • [fix] Addons: analyser hangs when analysing a sql source file (#9871)
  • [fix] Addons: bug in the detection of call in a return instruction - Added detection of function call in return expression, which can impact the evaluation of all components in a C project (#10002)
  • [fix] Addons: Error message when CPPCheck_auto not installed properly is not clear. (#9786)
  • [fix] Configuration: Bad file in the CreateDemo menu + Rename CreateDemo (#9541) 
  • [fix] Configuration: Improve demo projects: provide C, Java, Milestones demos (#9840) [documentation]
  • [fix] Configuration: ISO 26262 Coverage Compliance value has wrong format (#9856)
  • [fix] Configuration: Reports tab must be available by default in Explorer (#9764)
  • [fix] Configuration: Version Dates for Sample projects should be relative to when the project is created, not too far in the past (#9842)
  • [fix] Documentation: Error in the Getting Started : Findings Summary export is deprecated (#8688)
  • [fix] GUI: Blank space when there is no data to display in a control graph (#9429)
  • [fix] GUI: Dashboard Editor UI Refresh (#9159) [screenshots]
  • [fix] GUI: Dashboard tutorial not working when projects are in group (#9745)
  • [fix] GUI: Display needle at minimum or maximum value in a meter chart when the value exceeds the boundaries of the chart (#8493)
  • [fix] GUI: Improve error messages displayed when reaching the limits defined by a licence file (#9794)
  • [fix] GUI: Improve the design of the forms tab to display more legible text (#9255)
  • [fix] GUI: Improve the display of long text in score card tables (#9911)
  • [fix] GUI: In graphs, RangeAxis Integer values are not intuitive (#8815)
  • [fix] GUI: Pie should use "NAME" of the measure by default instead of the "MNEMO" (#7716)
  • [fix] GUI: Remove icons that are blurry at some resolutions (use font-awesome instead) (#9546)
  • [fix] GUI: Right arrow available on carousel even if there is no more chart to display (#9321)
  • [fix] GUI: Squore Mobile still uses the legacy background colour (#9818)
  • [fix] GUI: When closing source code view using esc, if a tooltip was open it remains on the screen and follow the mouse evrywhere (#7928)
  • [fix] Server: NullPointerException when creating a new dashboard on linux only (#9349)
  • [fix] Server: Cannot add action items to software analytics report (#9053)
  • [fix] Server: Cannot include highlights in standard report (#9822)
  • [fix] Server: Creating a new dashboard creates an invalid bundle.xml file with columns="0" (#8920)
  • [fix] Server: Do not save stats for clicks on indicator charts (#9867)
  • [fix] Server: Recover from "could not acquire lock on @Synchronized component" automatically (#7057)
  • [fix] System: Only JDKs are searched in the Windows registry (#9912)
  • All features and bug fixes from 16.3.0 (except the Squore Eclipse Plugin)
  • All bug fixes from 16.2.6 and 16.2.7
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