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Squore 16.3 was released on April 28th 2017 and is the final Squore 16 release.

This release brings improved support for permissions management of project owners, improved filtering options for findings, better licence file management and the first official release of the Squore Eclipse plugin.

Upgrades from all earlier 14-B, 15-A, 16.0, 16.1 and 16.2 versions are supported.

As usual, consult the index of each user manual to see what's new in Squore 16.3 .

New Features

  • Review and Collaboration
  1. Users with a compatible licence file can now install the Squore Eclipse plugin directly from Squore Server. The plugin allows launching analyses inside the Eclipse IDE of your source code projects using the same analysis model that already rates your projects in Squore Server.
  2. Improved the Measures tab to display the source Data Provider and status of each metric
  • User Interface
  1. Manage advanced filtering on the Findings tab
  2. Pin Tool menus directly to the home page
  • Analysis
  1. Aggregate metrics from linked artefacts with the new LINKS_AGGREGATE() function
  2. Scale definition now accepts PERCENT type

  • Administration
  1. Deploy and reload licence files from the web interface without a server restart

Installation Prerequisites

Before installing Squore, consult the installation prerequisites. This short manual covers all the supported operating systems and browsers, as well as the necessary third-party packages.

Note that Squore requires version 1.7.0_51 (minimum) of the JDK.

Java 1.6 is no longer supported

Java 1.8 is not supported at this time (as it is not supported by the version of JBoss that is used by Squore).

Upgrading to Squore 16

Version Numbering

Here is a quick guide to version numbering in Squore releases

  • Squore 16.x.0 is the initial major release
  • Bugfix releases are numbered 16.x.x and will be available for any 16.x.0 users to upgrade to without worrying about backward-compatibility issues as a patch or a full install
  • New functionality is delivered in 16.y releases, which will include all bugfixes made for 16.x.x releases in the meantime
  • 16.y releases may require minor migration effort, but we will try to keep this at a minimum

Configuration Changes

For a detailed changelog of the Shared folder, consult the full Configuration Folder Changelog

Upgrade Warnings

  1. Upgrades from Squore 2015-A are only supported since Squore 16.3.4
  2. As usual, you should back up your data before you consider upgrading.
  3. Note that the upgrade from pre-16.0 versions may take up to two hours to complete. If your postgreSQL database on Windows is over 20GB before you upgrade, we recommend that you do not use the method described in the documentation to upgrade. Instead, contact to perform a manual database migration.
  4. Before upgrading to Squore 16, you must make sure that Java 1.7 is installed on your system. If you are using Java 1.6, modify your Squore installation to use a Java 1.7 installation, as described in the Installation and Administration ManualIf you upgrade before modifying your Java settings, the upgrade will fail and you will have to restore the previous installation and your previous backup before attempting the upgrade again.
  5. Before upgrading from a pre-16.0 version, ensure that you have as much free space on your disk as the size of your current database, as reported on Administration > Projects.

Known Issues

  • If your licence file was issued before Squore 16.2 was released, you will not have access to the new Findings Export feature. You will also be missing access to the Highlights Export feature you had previously. Contact to obtain a new licence file.Deletion of multiple projects stops after the first deletion is completed with Oracle
  • A new licence file is needed in order to use the Eclipse plugin

Full Changelog


Published on September 11th 2018

Type Category Description Id
Problem Server Database inconsistencies when closing artefacts 9237
Problem GUI Security issue, user menu log not escaped 10116
Problem Engines Improve artefact search to return a matching function when no method signature was provided by a DP 10528
Problem Eclipse Plugin Add a preference to specify the directory of saving project data 10658


Published on July 10th 2017

  • [fix] Addons: ABAP grammar: comments begin with * improperly counted (#10065)
  • [fix] Addons: Issue paring some minified javascript files (#10048)
  • [fix] Addons: Problem of comment line count in javascript (like PHP) (#10064)
  • [fix] Addons: Show ERROR instead of INFO when Algorithm::Diff is missing (#10040)
  • [fix] Addons: The java analyzer hangs on a small file. (#9929)
  • [fix] Configuration: missing % sign in HIS table in automotive model (#10005)
  • [fix] Engines: bug in the detection of call in a return instruction - Added detection of function call in return expression, which can impact the evaluation of all components in a C project (#10002)
  • [fix] Engines: Php analyzer doesn't detect "//" comment declaration (#10055)
  • [fix] GUI: Information-based chart fails when information is empty (#9939)
  • [fix] GUI: Support both .xhtml and .seam as page extension to access the web interface (#9891)
  • [fix] Process: Performance issue with findings relaxation (#9797)
  • [fix] Server: Broken favourites page after adding a "Last Baseline" chart (#8622)
  • [fix] Server: Incomplete parsing for some ada files (#8789)
  • [fix] Server: Incomplete parsing for some fortran files (#8788)
  • [fix] Server: NullPointerException when creating a new dashboard on linux only (#9349)
  • [fix] Server: Review set scrolls back to the top after clicking an artefact (#8565)
  • [fix] System: Remove java restrictions from CLI installer, Java 1.7 or 1.8 can be used (#10111)


Published on May 29th 2017

  • [fix] Eclipse Plugin: Fixed display of secure storage password prompt at every build on some machines (#9918)
  • [fix] Eclipse Plugin: Random issue when reading configuration on Linux ("Attribute 'version' is not allowed to appear in element 'Bundle'.") (#9966)


Published on May 19th 2017

  • [feature] Addons: Checkstyle (plugin) compliance with google java style (#9900)
  • [fix] Addons: Ensure cloning results are similar with Java 1.7 and Java 1.8 (#9526)
  • [fix] Eclipse Plugin: Fixed issues with clean installations: missing properties.xml, SSL timeout, uninitialised configuration (#9918)
  • [fix] System: Ensure Windows installations do not fail when patching standalone.xml and starting PostgreSQL (#9787)


Published on April 28th 2017

  • [feature] Configuration: Add pep8_auto and pylint_auto data providers to standard configuration (#8964) [pep8_auto, pylint_auto]
  • [feature] Configuration: Customise the filter boxes in the advance filtering options of the findings tab (#7964) [documentation]
  • [feature] Configuration: Scale definition should accept PERCENT type (#8888)
  • [feature] Eclipse Plugin: Eclipse plugin is out of beta [documentation]
  • [feature] Eclipse Plugin: Eclipse Plugin should be able to display highlights (#9238) [documentation]
  • [feature] Engines: Add the possibility to aggregate metrics using links (#9155) [LINKS_AGGREGATE]
  • [feature] GUI: Add a way to improve error feedback in Tools menu page. (#9098) [formatLog]
  • [feature] GUI: Add the possibility to pin tools menu items in the home page. (#9300) [task]
  • [feature] GUI: Improve measures tab to remove confusion about identical base and derived measures (#8719) [documentation]
  • [feature] Licence: Allow trial licence requests from the web UI (#8999)
  • [feature] Licence: Reload licence file without restarting server (#9297)
  • [feature] Server: Allow administrators to manage licence files from the web UI (#9362)
  • [feature] Server: Eclipse update site should be part of Squore Server (#8730)
  • [feature] Server: Manage the permissions assigned to project owners (#8996) [new OWNER role]
  • [feature] System: Uninstaller should first stop SQuORE processes (#1278)
  • [fix] Engines: Allow links to point to artefacts that do not exist (#9158) [Artefact Links]
  • [fix] GUI: It is not possible to use inputStyle for password in form.xml (#9009)
  • [fix] Licence: Ensure hostIds do not change with new Windows 10 releases (#9334)
  • [fix] Server: Add warnings in the model validator when highlight names have no translations (#7060)
  • All bug fixes from 16.2.6 and 16.2.7
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