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  • Manually Upgrade Squore Installation
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When something went wrong with the automated migration process, you can perform the upgrade manually.

This procedure is now documented in Squore embarqued documentation, in the Administration Guide :

This procedure only apply when the DB cluster has been created by Squore. In case of a remote DB, backup and restore operation are of the DB administrator responsibility.


  1. Fresh Squore install, from scratch. To which we will refer to as "destination install".
  2. Full backup of other Squore install. To which we will refer to as "old install".

Manual upgrade - Step-by-step guide


  • Commands below are written for a Linux environment. For Windows, equivalent MS-DOS command scripts are available in "<SQUORE_HOME>/bin".
  • "<SQUORE_HOME>" refers to the "squore-server" folder created in the specified installation directory.
  • Use of "<SQUORE_HOME>" in the commands below always refers to the destination install.

Stopping Squore :

  1. Execute :

    $SQUORE_HOME/bin/sqctl stop

Starting PostgreSQL :

  1. Execute :

    $SQUORE_HOME/bin/pgctl start

Restore old install into destination install :

  1. Copy the backup files from old install backup folder into the destination install backup folder :

    cp -R <old_install_backup_folder>/* <destination_install_backup_folder>/*
  2. Perform restore operation :


Manual upgrade :

  1. Execute :

    $SQUORE_HOME/bin/sqadm upgrade-db --from <old_install_version>

    This command runs silently. See Upgrade section of destination install version Release Notes to get an estimation of the upgrade time.


Report configuration changes :

  • Do not forget to report any configuration changes from your old install to your destination install, such as LDAP support, JAVA XMX parameter, etc.
  • Here is a non-exhaustive list of configuration files that are usually modified :
    • <SQUORE_HOME>/config.xml
    • <SQUORE_HOME>/server/bin/standalone.conf
    • <SQUORE_HOME>/server/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml
    • <SQUORE_HOME>/server/standalone/configuration/
    • <SQUORE_HOME>/server/standalone/configuration/
    • <cluster>/postgresql.conf

Starting Squore :

  • You are now ready to start Squore !

    $SQUORE_HOME/bin/sqctl start