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A collection of advanced configuration and error recovery for Squore

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Page: A Quick Primer on Writing API Scripts
This article documents how you should approach developing a custom script that uses the Squore REST API introduced in Squore 19.0. Concept Our objective is to export all findings from all projects in a specific group into a CSV file. This operation is not
Page: Action Item Export Does Not Support Other Extension as XML
Description When clicking on a source file in the Findings or Action Items tabs, the source code does not automatically display the line reported in error. Affected Versions This issue affects 2011-D and can be corrected by manually deploying a patch on y
Page: Advanced LDAP Setup
Using Multiple Branches for Authenticating users This topic is now covered in the Installation and Administration Guide
Page: AntiC Does Not Run On Linux
Description When creating a project and selecting the data provider AntiC, the antiC execution fails and the project ends in draft. Affected Versions This issue affects SQuORE versions from 2012-B, as AntiC is distributed as a source file that needs to be
Page: Artefact Sorting Does not Work
Symptoms When you click on the Sort icon in the artefact tree, the artefacts are not sorted properly Affected Versions This issue appeared in SQuORE 2012-B-SP5 and was fixed in SQuORE 2013-A. If you are running SQuORE 2012-B-SP5 and need to sort the artef



Page: Cannot Find psql
Description When running the upgrade script on Windows to migrate my SQuORE data from 2012-A to 2012-B, the script fails with the following error: C:\SQuORING\SQuORE\Bin>Upgrade.bat C:\ASP5 'psql' n'est pas reconnu en tant que commande interne ou externe,
Page: Change the backup folder location
Refer to Change the Database Location for instructions
Page: Change the Database Location
Since Squore 2013-B The location of the database used by Squore can be modified on Windows by following the steps below: Shutdown the Squore Server Stop the Database Find the location of the current cluster and backup directories as specified in <INSTALLD
Page: Change the Squore Server JMS Queue Size
How to change the Squore Server JMS Queue Size? Since Squore 2013-B Instructions can be found in the Installation and Administration Manual Before Squore 201
Page: Change the Squore Server port number
How to change the SQuORE Server port number? Since Squore 2013-B Since Squore 2013-B, you specify an offset instead of a ports-xx setting. The procedure for changing the server port number is available in the Installation and Administration Manual https:/
Page: ClearCase Connection Fails
Description When setting up a connection to a ClearCase Repository on Windows, SQuORE fails do connect and get the sources. Affected Versions This issue affects SQuORE versions from 2012-A and can be correcting by manually deploying a patch on your instal
Page: Confluence Integration Sample Page
This page shows an example of Squore chart embedding in Confluence. For more information, refer to the documentation at https://support.squoring.
Page: Connect remotely to the server
How to connect to the server remotely? For security reasons, the SQuORE Server now binds to localhost. This can be changed at installation time, or after the installation. To access the server from the internet or your LAN, use for the JBoss AS bi
Page: Could not initialize class sun.awt.X11GraphicsEnvironment
Description SQuORE Server fails to display any charts on the dashboard and the error "Could not initialize class sun.awt.X11GraphicsEnvironment" appears in the log file Affected Versions This issue may affect any version of SQuORE installed on a Linux Ser
Page: Creating A CPAN Mirror
Context In order to install perl modules on Linux systems where no internet connection is available, a common solution is to create an offline mirror of an online cpan repository and deploy it on the server so that package sources are retrieved locally. T


Page: Data XML Files Are Empty
Data xml files are empty All the files in <TMP>/username/Data/project_name/ are empty. This may come from your perl version. Embedded analyzer needs the perl version 5.12 (minimal). In order to know which version of perl you are running, type the followin
Page: Deploying A Patch
Before Squore 2014-B Since SQuORE 2013-B, patches come in the form of a full new version of the SQuORE Server components (squore-license.ear, squore-server.ear, or both). The .ear file is a full application that replaces the version you installed with the


Page: Error occurred during initialization of VM
Description When running StartServer.bat on Windows, Squore fails to start with the following being displayed in the console: =============================================================================== JBoss Bootstrap Environment JBOSS_HOME: C:\SQuORI


Page: Findbugs Auto Fails With Jar Files
Symptoms: When specifying a folder containing jar files that you want the Findbugs_auto data provider to analyse, the analysis fails with the following error message: [DP:Findbugs_auto] Exception in thread "main" Access denied Correct
Page: Fixing Degraded Database Performance
Symptoms PostgreSQL regularly optimises itself in order to maintain optimal operating performance when the size of the database cluster grows. In some cases, especially when you frequently create draft versions of your projects on your Squore Server, Post
Page: Fixing Failed Installations
Symptoms After installing and starting SQuORE, I see a 404 error when accessing http://localhost:8180/SQuORE_Server http://localhost:8180/SQuORE_Server. The server startup command (start.bat / sqctl start) reports no error, but seems to start more quickly
Page: Fixing Incorrect Ratings After 13-B Migration
Symptoms After migrating to SQuORE 2013-B-SP1, some projects may show a warning sign instead of a proper rating. This may also be true for some artefacts in your project. Note that this issue only affects SQuORE 2013-B-SP1 and will be fixed in SQuORE 2013
Page: Fixing Performance Drops
We have identified performance drops on servers running for several days without interruptions. This article offers a potential solution for these performance drops so you do not have to restart your server regularly to regain performance. Symptoms After


Page: Getting Started with the Eclipse Plugin
If you are using Squore 16.3 and up, consult the Eclipse Plugin Guide for up-to-date instructions This page explains how to deploy the eclipse plugin internally for your organisati


Page: Host Multiple Installations On One Server
Introduction In versions of Squore prior to Squore 18.0, it was possible to install Squore as many times as needed on one Windows machine. This capability has been removed by default in Squore 18.0, because it could lead to broken registry entries and iss
Page: How does the auto detection language option work
Note: This content applies to versions of Squore prior to 2015-A only. Since Squore 2015-A, projects support more than one language. How does the auto detection language option work? If you don't know the language of your project, you can use the "languag
Page: How to change configuration folder
How can I change my configuration settings? This information is now available in the Installation and Administration Manual
Page: How to change the project creation timeout
This information is now available in the Installation and Administration Manual
Page: How to change the session timeout
How can I change the session-timeout in SQuORE? Note: This article is no longer valid for SQuORE 2013-B. The session length is still 2 hours for a user using the web interface and can no longer be changed. Edit the file: InstallationDirectory/Server/serve
Page: How to configure Perl SSL certificate chain
When trying to send a request using the HTTPS protocol in a Perl script using "LWP::UserAgent" module and faced with the following error : [...] Status response is 500 Can't connect to hostname:443 (certificate verify failed) or [...] Status response is 5
Page: How to create a custom export
Introduction This article will describe how to create a custom Excel export using Squore Rest Api, Groovy script and POI library. The use case is "How to export level E files from model projects to an Ex
Page: How To Export And Import User Accounts
These instructions are now available as part of the Installation and Administration Guide SQuORE lets you export your list of user accounts to a CSV file in order to manage it
Page: how to uninstall Squore on Windows if you have deleted the installation files manually The error in case the squore installation files have been deleted manually (intentionally or not) and not by the control panel of Windows, your installation may be degraded. Despite the fact that the squore installation files no longer e
Page: How-to articles


Page: Increase Memory For Squore Server
This information is available in the Installation and Administration Manual
Page: Installing a Squore client for Squore 17 and later
Issue Since 17.0, Squore no longer ships with a Squore CLI package, the package allowing you to deploy a minimal set of client binaries on an automation agent like Jenkins to launch analyses remotely. The Squore CLI package was retired so that we could wo


Page: Jacoco catalog for report.dtd limitations
The Jacoco data-provider needs to retrieve the "report.dtd" catalogue from the Internet. In some cases, if the customer does not have access to the Internet due to security limitations, it is not possible to recover this file. This is a limitation that ha
Page: Java Not Recognised as an Internal or External Command
'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command. In some configuration, at a launch of SQuORE engine in batch mode it appears an error message: 'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command. or in french 'java' n'est pas reconnu
Page: JBoss AS Exception While Creating Identity
In the server log: Caused by: preRegister() failed: [ObjectName='jboss.remoting:service=NetworkRegistry', (] at


Home page: Knowledge Base
A collection of advanced configuration and error recovery for Squore Recently updated articles


Page: LDAP Connection Fails
Note: This article applies to a version of Squore that is no longer supported Symptoms When attempting to connect SQuORE to an LDAP server, users cannot log in. The browser reports: Invalid Credentials The server logs only show this line: ERROR [com.squor
Page: Line Counting Definition
What are the Line counting definitions? LC: Line Count SLOC: Source Line Of Code CLOC: Comment Line Of Code MLOC : Mixed Line Of Code ELOC: Effective Line Of Code image2017-3-9_16-41-25.png Metric Note SLOC = Line count excluding blank lines and comments
Page: Linux Service Configuration
This content has been moved to the Installation and Administration Manual


Page: Manually Deploy Squore Server - Wildfly
When a Squore installation is facing Wildfly ear deployement issues, such as "WFLYSRV0137: No deployment content with hash [...]". Or if you want to simply redeploy your EAR applications. This article is obsolete starting from Squore 19.1. Procedure has b
Page: Manually Package Eclipse Plugin
When you want to include external libraries, your company model and/or customize the Eclipse plugin. Pre-requisites Maven software must be installed : The customer toolkit has been provided by Squore su
Page: Manually Upgrade Squore Installation
When something went wrong with the automated migration process, you can perform the upgrade manually. This procedure is now documented in Squore embarqued documentation, in the Administration Guide :
Page: MISRA Rules Embedded in Squan Sources Analyzer
Which MISRA rules are embedded in SQuORE analyzer? SQuORE Analyzer (SQuAN) is able to find violation to MISRA rules mainly related to Control Flow (14.x) and Switch Statement (15.x) categories. Find below the list of rules: MISRA_13_1: Boolean test of ass
Page: Moving a Squore Installation
From 2013-B onwards, it is fairly easy to mode a installation. The steps below describe the necessary steps to follow: Windows Note: In the example below, you are going to move the installation from C:\squore-server-old to C:\squore-server Uninstall the S




Page: Point to a different PostgreSQL database
How to point to a different PostgreSQL database? Note: This article applies to SQuORE versions prior to 2013-B only. These instructions can also be used to change the port of the local database Hereafter, we suppose that the new database already exists. S
Page: Prevent LDAP Connection With Blank Password
Symptoms We have noticed that in some configurations of Active Directory, it is possible for users to log into SQuORE if they provide a valid login and a blank password on the SQuORE login in page. This only applies to installations that are running the l



Page: Recommendations for Squore Installations on Windows: Services and Registry
We recommend that you any Windows machine host only a single installation of Squore. If you must have two installations on the same machine, then we recommend that neither use Windows services. From Squore 18.0, only one installation of Squore is possible
Page: Removing Noise from your Rulesets with providedBy
Note This article describes a new feature that will change your rating if you are using Squore's default analysis model (Software Analytics). While we normally guarantee that patch releases will not contain changes that impact your rating, we believe that
Page: Repository connector failure FAQ
TFS Error Description How to resolve it in the logs, "is already mapped in workspace sqtemp_ws_1556832356044." A old workspace is stille alive on the distant repository. You have to delete the undeleted workspace on the repository using the following comm
Page: Running JMeter tests
Concept Using JMeter, you can simulate load on your server and observe which configuration performs best on your machine. The test simulates load from a pre-defined number of users which will each during their sessions: logs in visit the My Projects page
Page: Running Squore On A 32-bit Java Installation
Update: as of Squore 17.0, the Windows installer will limit the RAM to 1GB automatically on such systems As stated in the installation pre-requisites,


Page: Sample Reports and Exports
Note: These sample reports contain hyperlinks to the Squore server from which they originate. These hyperlinks are only operational in an industrial deployment of Squore, this is why they are not valid in these sample cases. Synthetic Report Full Report S
Page: Share a License File
How to share a license file? This information has moved to the Installation and Administration Guide
Page: Shared Server Installation
Please consult the Installation and Administration Guide for up-to-date information. This page describes the installation procedure for a server installed in a folder share
Problem When using certain chart types, they are not displayed in the dashboard (they are replaced by the "processing" icon), whereas other charts are correctly displayed. Example: the "Technical Debt" chart below is not displayed in a FireFox browser ima
Page: Source Code View Starts At Unexpected Line Number
Description When clicking on a source file in the Findings or Action Items tabs, the source code does not automatically display the line reported in error. Affected Versions This issue affects SQuORE 2011-C and 2011-D and can be correcting by manually dep
Page: Squore and python
This tutorial goes is 4 steps: 1. Installing Python 2. Installing Pep8 and Pylint 3. Try Pep8 and Pylint 4. Automate rule checking within Notepad++ 1. Installing Python Recommended version for python: 3.4 Download on: htt
Page: Squore For scade
Teaser: Online Demo: URL: Login: demo_scade Pass: demo_scade
Page: Squore Server Fails To Start
Description Squore Server fails to start and the log file displays errors about some *Bean classes not bound (for example "LicenseProxyBean not bound"). Affected Versions This issue may affect any version of Squore. It is actually an issue with JBoss. Fix
Page: Squore Support Process In Vector Infrastructure
This article describes the new Squore support process using the new Vector infrastructure. New Vector Customer Portal
Page: Supported Programming Languages
Squore allows source code analysis for the following programming languages : ABAP, Ada, C, C++, MindC, C#, COBOL, Java, JavaScript, Fortran 77, Fortran 90, Objective-C, PHP, PL/SQL, Python, T-SQL, Visual Basic .NET, XAML, Lustre. Supported Versions : C# :
Page: System Engineering Webinar
This demo explains how helps monitoring the performance of software and system engineering projects. John Philipp, a project manager, proactively resolves red flag situations by communicating with his team based on the performance indicators displayed in


Page: Toolkit Tips & Tricks
This page provides various tips about using the toolkit that are not documented in the official documentation Importing Relaxed Findings (via a DP) since Squore 16.0.3, you can use the method squore::add_relaxed_finding instead of squore::add_finding Synt
Page: Troubleshooting articles
Page: Tutorials Reference
This information has been moved to the Configuration Manual


Page: Understanding Cloning Metrics
The contents of this article can be found in the Reference Manual
Page: Understanding Mantis
All your support requests to Squoring Technologies are stored in Mantis. This brief guide will help you understand and navigate the user interface so you can master the workflow of your support tickets. Ticket Status and Workflow Status Description Expect
Page: Updating Your Custom Configuration
This information is available in the Installation and Administration Manual
Page: Using pgAdmin
The article below references pgAdmin 3, which is a version compatible with versions of Squore up to 17.1. Squore 18.0 and more recent versions of Squore no longer ship with pgAdmin. In order to perform queries on the database, it is necessary to install t
Page: Using the Export Import Tools
Note: This procedure applies to Squore 2015-A only Introduction Since 2015-A-SP6, you can rebuild a project from scratch with a new version of a model, or even re-analyse it with a new model. This functionality is only available for test purposes. It shou



Page: When Viewing Source Code From SVN, Only the File Name is Displayed
Symptoms Instead of displaying the source code, the source code viewer only displays the file name followed by "extraction successful". This happens if: You have created a project using an SVN source repository You are trying to view the source code of an
Page: Where Is the Server Log
Where is the server log? Server log can be found in your SQuORE product installation folder: <SQuORE_INSTALL_DIR>/server/server/default/log/server.log Note that this file can be accessed directly in the GUI from the "Administration > Server Log" menu (for
Page: WMIC not found
Summary On some Windows systems, Squore starts with the error message "Unexpected Host". Additionally, when running java -jar squore-hostId.jar, you get an error message saying wmic not found. These problems are usually due to an incomplete or restricted


Page: XmlReaderException
XmlReaderException Symptoms When starting up SQuORE Server on Windows, I get an XmlReaderException error. The logs contain: [ERR] XML syntax error on file:C:\TEMPSQuORE\UserNameWithSpëcialChàracters\models\HIS_Metrics\Dashboards\Bundle.xml [ERR] Error in




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